Saturday, September 20, 2008

Workstation: Lazzat vs Victoria Uni

Here I would like to show you guys my workstation in Lazzat and Victoria Uni. What can I say I prefer to use my lab as workstation since I can't access to the Cadence software in my room. I spent most of my time in Microelectronics Design Laboratory while I'm in VicUni. U can find me in this peaceful place, only a few of students are using this although there are so many computers.

My workstation in VicUni

It seems like I was too closed to the screen right? But don't worry, it is just for a while for the photography session. It purposely to show me really enjoy doing this lab. Seriously, I addicted to this software.

Infront of my lab... see this lab is empty. where is everybody?

The example of my circuit design including the simulation. It is NAND gate if you guys want to know. simple huh??

My workstation in Lazzat.

I took this picture when I was doing a revision before seated a real test of Semiconductor Fabrication subject. I'm a kind of last minute person too...

Some of my book collections. But all of them were not mine. Borrowed from library... save money la mau kawin.. lol

So what do you think? which one better? my room in lazzat or my lab in VicUni??


amey ahmad said...

So the pic on the laptop screen is the girl huh? Semoga berbahagia..

Rosie Rose said...

haha... i dun have to give opinion on which 1 is better.. coz U shud know my answer already. Coz i know u sooooo well which station do u 'really work' and which is not. LOL.

BTW, i'm curious.. why is it in this pic u look damn different? ahahahah.. use old pics? :P