Saturday, June 21, 2008

i'm free

Huh... finally i'm feel free at this moment. U know what, i have been finished all my exam including the project and presentation as well. This is the time that i've been waiting for. But fortunately, I started to feeling bored since I got nothing to do with. What I have done to fulfill my free time now is just watching movie. Yesterday, I went to Hoyts again and this time watching Chronicle of Narnia, The Prince Caspian. Even I never followed this movie which is adapted from book before, but i still spending my time there in the cinema. It is a good movie actually, at first it makes me confused when the three school mate teleport to the other time (while they waiting for the train). After very carefully understanding the movie, i realized that the prince caspian played the special horn, resulted all the narnian and the king peter, lucy and two others which i cant remember their name cames there to save him.


ladyeena said...

Every mistake you make,
Every failure, every disappointment,
To keep going on this journey of life is sometimes the hardest thing.
But remember,
Every great person, who has beaten adversity,
Whether from within or without themselves,
Has fallen and stumbled a thousand times.
But they pick themselves up,
Dust themselves down
And carry on

--- said Dylan Jacobs ---