Saturday, December 27, 2008

Farewell Kak Hasnah and Beaching in St Kilda with Farhana

Actually, I should post this entry last 5 days. Kak Hasnah, who is the same staff like me in UniMAP left Melbourne last 22th December. A day before she is leaving us, we had spent time together at McDonald in Albion St. It is the only halal McDonald in Melbourne.

Imraan and I went late to the McDonald as Kak Hasnah, Kak Jess, Aliyah and Farhana waited us for more than half an hour. It was not my fault actually, It was Imraan. He was stayed here for almost 3 years, I just wondering how can he forgot the way to go Albion St. At first, I was thinking that he took the wrong way which he took the way to Sydney Rd instead of Lygon St. However, I just kept quite and did nothing as he is very expert in Melbourne better than me, of course la.

Farhana, my friend from Sydney just finished her conference at Deakin University in Geelong.


Last month, I had promised Farhana to guide her browsing around Melbourne. It is my pleasure to bring her to walk around here since she is also same staff in UniMAP.

Unfortunately, I broke the promise. I can't make it because i got the delivery furniture job on the week she is coming to Melbourne. hehe.

Am I cruel?

A little bit information of Farhana, she now doing master by research in University of New South Wales near to Sydney. Her research is related to material engineering, as I heard her conversation with Dzul, she doing research on the material of valve on vehicle.

**End of flashback**

Me, Imraan, Aliyah and Farhana went to St Kilda beach afterward. It really cold there even it was summer in Melbourne. Unpredictable climate happened in here...

Kak Hasnah farewell was held in Alamaro in Sydney Rd. We had spent a nice time together and I had Fettucuni which is sound good but it was not as my expextation. I not really like that meal. hehe...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Working oh working...

Under construction

Sunday, December 14, 2008

RMIT graduation photo shoot

I was very busy with my casual work as a furniture delivery boy in Moorabin. FYI, the warehouse is just 10 mins to Clayton.

So imagine how far it is from city and how long it takes to arrive at the warehouse. And the rare things that I have to do is wake up at 530 am and go to work at 600 am.

There was a photo shoot session for RMIT graduate on Sunday. As usual, I accompanied Akmal to the Storey Hall in RMIT. At there, we met Kak Hasnah and she seems like very happy, I can see on her face. It is a cheerful face not a poker face okay. haha.

To Ina, I only got some photo of Akmal with his robe and photo of me wearing the suit. Because of many of the photos is taken by Kak Hasnah's camera.

Peaceful evening in St Kilda beach

Seaside of St Kilda

Me and Akmal bought tickets for Twilight for 9.00 pm session. For the first time, we got the extreme screen tickets. We were like wondering each other what is the big difference we gonna have in extreme screen. The good thing is we no need to worry about the tickets price since we got the discount ticket bought from Uni Melbourne.

Before enjoying the Twilight, we unplanned went to St Kilda beach. Akmal brought the Twilight novel book and me just carried a packet of curry puff.

About the Twilight film, I give 3 stars over 5. The film is very good but there were some critical questions could be asked.

The funny thing here I would like to share is Akmal was dreamed the vampire versus bewolf before we watch the film. Silly kan?? hehe

Saturday, December 13, 2008

What happened last 2 days

Early in the morning, I got a call from my faculty admin. The born Vietnamese admin asked me to come to the faculty for fulfill the reduce/over load study. I don't have any idea about the request. I told Akmal about this matter, with his happy face couraged me to go to Footscray since he wanted to cut his hair and do some shopping in Savers. The Savers is likes bundle shop in Malaysia, but this one is more better in term of its size and its arrangement.

We went to Footscray at 11 am and arrived there 20 mins after that. I showed Akmal the Hair Salon which Bro Nazrul always go. Then, I took a bus to Vic Uni.

You guys know, I spent like 2 hours there as in meet my coordinator, meet the faculty admin, meet the university admin. At the end, they told me you don't have to do this at all. It is just a mistake. But, I am not angry at all.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Struggling to find a job

Thanks Ina for the comment and you know how motivated I am when reading your comment. Thanks again for your concern and I am really appreciate it. Here is the report of the day.

9.00 am : Kak Timah called me early in the morning while I am still drooling... hehe. She told me that Kak Dila who owned the Charcoal Chicken in Sidney Road wanted a worker for her shop. I was so suprised because I just tell Kak Timah that I am seeking for the job during my semester break yesterday, how fast Kak Timah can get me a job. So without took longer time to get ready, I grabbed my resume from Apek's house and just straight away to Sidney road.

10.00 am : Arrived at Carcoal Chicken, Sidney road. I met Kak Dila, she was realy busy that time. So I just waited until she finished with her customers. Then, I introduced myself to her and she recognised me as Fiki's friend. Unfortunately, she can't give the job for this month because her worker just called her this morning to let her know that he cancelled his holiday for this month and changed it to the next month. So, I just gave her my resume with Apek and Imran's resume as well. She explained to me, she will call if the job really vacant next month.

11.00 am : I was running to catch the tram to go back to the city. I stopped by Apek's house to have rest there. I asked Imran to call the agent in Lilydale for the fruit picking job. The agent asked us to go Lilydale for the registeration. For the second unfortunately, I was forgot to bring my passport but I just gambled because I can remember my passport number.

2.00 pm : Departed from Melbourne central. Me, Imran, Abg Epoi, Kak Uji and Apek were really motivated to go to Lilydale. We bought the daily ticket for zone 1 plus zone 2, it cost us for AUD10.10.

3.00 pm : Arrived at Lilydale train station. I called Qilah, the person who already settled her registration with the agent to ask her about the direction to the agent office.

3.30 pm : Arrived at Sarina Russo Harvest Agency, they welcomed us nicely. We filled the from given. After that, we had fish and chip at the shop which is near to the train station.

The evidences that we had registered in Sarina Russo Agency

4.00 pm : Went back to city and lepak at Habor town with Fiki and Imran.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I am really desperate to find a job here. I am also desperate to find someone that can replace me in Lazzat. I guess I can escape to pay for rent of Jan and Feb next year but it really works if I can get the replacement. I hope my prospect, Umar Haiyat will consider my offer very well.

As the last night discussion with Imran, this morning we have planned to go to Lilydale for seeking fruit picking job in Lilydale which is about 40 km from city and will be took 1 hour to reach there.

I am really desperate... help me.. I want a job...

Monday, December 8, 2008

Eidul Adha in Melbourne

I think I am the only one who really kind of excited to celebrate Eidul Adha in here. Last night, I had a takbir raya alone while my roommate, Akmal spent his spent watching anime. I opened takbir raya featuring Mawi from youtube and repeteated it many times. I was really enjoy spent my time for takbir raya since I think I was too busy with my work last month so it is time to pay back to the God.

Same as in Eidul Fitri celebration last 2 month, for Eidul Adha celebration I cannot except myself to wake up early in the morning. Actually, I was slept back after Subuh pray and woke u again at 7.15 am. After cleaning myself, I wear my Baju Melayu with the samping of course.

I still remember my father asked me to change my clothes because at that time I just wearing Baju Melayu with the slack only. I was not clear why he asked me to do that, maybe he wanted me to be smart same like him. Therefore, started from that time I will wearing the complete of Baju Melayu for Eidul Fitri and Eidul Adha celebration. Actually, I am so respect to my father and he is my idol. I love you, ayah. You guys know, I never say that I love my father directly even to my mum but I think they know that I am really love them. Sayu le pulek... hehe

I went to Malaysia Hall to peform Solat Sunat Raya. As I thought, there will not many peoples since almost of the students were came back to Malaysia for holiday. But still I can feel the spirit of the celebration. Ustaz Haznizul was the Imam and gave the good speech which is related to the current issues in Malaysia. One parts of his speech is encourage Malaysia citizen especially Muslim to be more strengthen in their relationship and do not follow the bad influence from none Muslim.

After finished eating the nasi putih with lamb rendang, chicken curry, salads and variety of kuih, we had some photography session. This is for the evidence that I was not ponteng the solat sunat raya.. hehe.... LOL

In front of Malaysia Hall, Melbourne

Me and Akmal went to Global Village to visit Kak Hasnah and Kak Jijah (not the real name). They served us with the delicous mee curry. Because of the very tasteful of that mee curry, I asked them to tapau for us. After that, we went back to Lazzat and guess what both of us had a really good time for our relaxation. Ape lagi tido la.. hehe

That all for the report today mate.

Me at Melbourne Central

Sunday, December 7, 2008

My new shoes, Circa

I forgot to tell that I just bought a new shoes since my Etnies no longer in a good condition. I bought it for only AUD $40 from Evolution shop in DFO, Spencer St and I think it was the cheapest skate shoes that can I get here. you cannot find as that price for Circa at any skateboard shop in Melbourne even though the skateboard shop in Smith St. Actually, I was eager to wear this brand of shoes since I started to skate about 5 years ago. And finally, I managed to wear it. Should I wear it tomorrow? Pakai sudey... LOL

My Circa is ready for the 180 flip... hehe

Before that, me and Akmal went to Camberwell. We stayed there until all the booth is closed. Nothing much for me, I just bought the kacket for my girlfriend. hehe...

Takbir raya

Tomorrow is a big for all Muslim throughout the world. We will celebrating Eidul Adha which is also called as Qurban day. The Muslim who have get ready in term of physical, mental and financial are encouraged to do Hajj at Mecca. Besides that, the Muslim also are encouraged to sacrifice or qurban the goat or cow and giving it to the poor people around their place. It is not compulsory but it depends on thier afforadable.

I will be going to Malaysia Hall tomorrow to perform Solat Eidul Adha. That the only place that I can feel the spirit of the Eidul Adha.

Allahu akbar Allahu akbar Allahu akbar...
Lailaha illallah huwallahu akbar...
Allahu akbar walillah ilham...

I have to iron my baju melayu before I sleep tonite and hopefully I will wake up early tomorrow.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

My big bro is leaving Melbourne

One by one of my friends are leaving Melbourne for good. The latest one is my bro, Haadi. He is at the airport right now and will be departed to Malaysia at 12.45 am. I pray to god make him safely return to his hometown. Home sweet home.

My bro, Haadi in Williamstown last 8 months

Hope to see him again when I'm back to Malaysia next year.

I want to sleep early tonite to wake up early tomorrow.

See you mate...

Friday, December 5, 2008

Spending my time in Vic Uni

Today is Friday, usually in this day I will not going anywhere since I have to performe pray for Jumaah. However, I am going to Footscray Park to meet my supervisor, David Fitrio who just received his PHD in Vic Uni. He right now doing 2 jobs at the same time, he is the research lecturer in Vic Uni and he is also lecturer in Monash Uni. He spending only 1 day in Vic Uni since the Microelectronic coordinator still needs his help to running the school for the next semester.
Luckily, I can still working under him thus make my incoming minor project easily. Since David came from Indonesia so sometimes we are communicate in Bahasa Indonesia for me to better understand. what exactly he want to explain.

Just now, David and I have a short discussion because he is busy for checking the project of my friends, Sandeep, Madhu and Sudheer. All of them are from Indian. Maybe before this, I never been told you guys abot my friends in Vic Uni. For your information, I don't have many international friend here. It is only about 10 friends that I had here. Last semester, I had friend from Turkey, his name is Burcin and now he already in Turkey, I think he now working as an enigneer in his hometown. I also had a friend from Philiphine but we just have a short conversation only since he always absent to the class. LOL. And the rest of my friends are came from India, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Maybe after this, I will put their photo together with me.

Back to my supervisor, David. I asked him about my plan to further my study in PHD level. Suprising me, he asked me to do the study under of his supervision in Monash University. He told me tht he can find me a first supervisor since he only can be the second supervisor, it maybe because of his experience or level. I said, I will consider it since I have to make a step further to apply the PHD. I will discuss with my dean about my plan to study in Monash University. However, it depends on my dean actually to let me directly further or I have to wait for the vacancy.

After the pray for Jumaah, I have to meet David for discussing my minor project for the next semester. Initially, I have do nothing for this summer and that why I mailed David, if he can give me project title so I can work for it during this break. And just now, he told me that I can continue what I was doing in last semester project. So it is easily to me because I have done it before so I don't have to start a new project from the beginning. However, the project might be slightly difference to the last semester's project. It should be more tough I think so. And I told him my plan to do some paper publication in the next semester fotunately he agreed with that and happy to help me to publish paper at least a review paper.

Ok mate. I have to go now. It close to 130 pm in here. I have to get ready for pray.

Oh god, please forgive what ever I am doing wrong to you... forgive me please...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Coldplay live in Melbourne

Oh gosh, I never been dreaming to see Coldplay live before. Though I am not a die hard fan of Coldplay, but to see them live in Melbourne will be apart of my great memory ever.

Coldplay at the Beacon Theater in New York City on May 17, 2005.

My friends, Imran just bought the ticket for four by online. Guess what, the tickets only available for the 3rd day of concert and 1st and 2nd day is definitely sold out even just today the ticket is open for sale. Luckily, we got the gold seat tickets and it would be not too far from the main stage for sure.

Now, I am started to download Coldplay album to refresh back their song. hehe. But, I still remember their song in 1st and 2nd album which is Yellow, Clocks, Shiver, Politic and The Scientist.

However, I have a money problem now. Because the price of the ticket was quite expensive which is AUD 142.00. I kind of regret for agreeing to join Imran to the concert. But what can I do here, the ticket was already purchased. Want it or not, I have to pay it to Imran as soon as possible.

Should I go or ask somebody else that can be replaced me?

How is it mate?

No matter what, I still downloading the Coldplay album right now.

Cheers mate...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My ares is not working

Its been a long time, I had tried many ways to fix my ares, but it still not going to be okay. I am like frustrated at the moment. Somebody please help me. I am pissed off. haha

See you mate. No matter what will try again and again to make my ares working. Then I can enjoy download the new song from it.

Have a nice day mate.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The day after Sunday

Last night, me and Akmal went to Zul Singapore place to have BBQ farewell party. Zul and Haadi will be going back for good this month. Especially Haadi because he now preparing for his engagement day expected on this month as well. Congratulation bro, unfortunatelly I cannot attend your engagement day. And Zul look like feeling sad as he will leaving his "girlfriend" here. I put girlfriend word in the column because I don't know how serious his relationship with that girl. To Zul, if you feel like her just let her know ok. Sebelum dikebas orang. hehe.

Me and Akmal helped grilling the chicken wings and hot dog. The guests came to the party were almost like 20 peoples. I was really enjoyed grilling as I am like to be person di belakang tabir. hehe. Actually, I felt amazed when first time step in that BBQ area, it was really proper place for student to relax especially in the weekend. The place completed with a big screen projector, ping pong table, pool table, kitchen, toilet and a few set of sofas. I feel the real of student life when being there. Seriously...

I was sleeping early last night, maybe a bit tired because of non stop grillling the chickens. And of course I woke early in the morning. We have to wake up Zul since he still sleep (tgk bola semalam kot) just to let he knows that we want to go back to city.

We stopped by Abang Zairi and Kak Ina place for visiting them as it been awhile that we are not meet them. Thanks for Kak Ina for serving us super yummy fried noodle and bubur kacang. We went back after been about 3 hours there.

Tonite picture is me and the big VU word. It taken during the Victoria University open day.

Have a good sleep mates...