Monday, December 8, 2008

Eidul Adha in Melbourne

I think I am the only one who really kind of excited to celebrate Eidul Adha in here. Last night, I had a takbir raya alone while my roommate, Akmal spent his spent watching anime. I opened takbir raya featuring Mawi from youtube and repeteated it many times. I was really enjoy spent my time for takbir raya since I think I was too busy with my work last month so it is time to pay back to the God.

Same as in Eidul Fitri celebration last 2 month, for Eidul Adha celebration I cannot except myself to wake up early in the morning. Actually, I was slept back after Subuh pray and woke u again at 7.15 am. After cleaning myself, I wear my Baju Melayu with the samping of course.

I still remember my father asked me to change my clothes because at that time I just wearing Baju Melayu with the slack only. I was not clear why he asked me to do that, maybe he wanted me to be smart same like him. Therefore, started from that time I will wearing the complete of Baju Melayu for Eidul Fitri and Eidul Adha celebration. Actually, I am so respect to my father and he is my idol. I love you, ayah. You guys know, I never say that I love my father directly even to my mum but I think they know that I am really love them. Sayu le pulek... hehe

I went to Malaysia Hall to peform Solat Sunat Raya. As I thought, there will not many peoples since almost of the students were came back to Malaysia for holiday. But still I can feel the spirit of the celebration. Ustaz Haznizul was the Imam and gave the good speech which is related to the current issues in Malaysia. One parts of his speech is encourage Malaysia citizen especially Muslim to be more strengthen in their relationship and do not follow the bad influence from none Muslim.

After finished eating the nasi putih with lamb rendang, chicken curry, salads and variety of kuih, we had some photography session. This is for the evidence that I was not ponteng the solat sunat raya.. hehe.... LOL

In front of Malaysia Hall, Melbourne

Me and Akmal went to Global Village to visit Kak Hasnah and Kak Jijah (not the real name). They served us with the delicous mee curry. Because of the very tasteful of that mee curry, I asked them to tapau for us. After that, we went back to Lazzat and guess what both of us had a really good time for our relaxation. Ape lagi tido la.. hehe

That all for the report today mate.

Me at Melbourne Central