Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Struggling to find a job

Thanks Ina for the comment and you know how motivated I am when reading your comment. Thanks again for your concern and I am really appreciate it. Here is the report of the day.

9.00 am : Kak Timah called me early in the morning while I am still drooling... hehe. She told me that Kak Dila who owned the Charcoal Chicken in Sidney Road wanted a worker for her shop. I was so suprised because I just tell Kak Timah that I am seeking for the job during my semester break yesterday, how fast Kak Timah can get me a job. So without took longer time to get ready, I grabbed my resume from Apek's house and just straight away to Sidney road.

10.00 am : Arrived at Carcoal Chicken, Sidney road. I met Kak Dila, she was realy busy that time. So I just waited until she finished with her customers. Then, I introduced myself to her and she recognised me as Fiki's friend. Unfortunately, she can't give the job for this month because her worker just called her this morning to let her know that he cancelled his holiday for this month and changed it to the next month. So, I just gave her my resume with Apek and Imran's resume as well. She explained to me, she will call if the job really vacant next month.

11.00 am : I was running to catch the tram to go back to the city. I stopped by Apek's house to have rest there. I asked Imran to call the agent in Lilydale for the fruit picking job. The agent asked us to go Lilydale for the registeration. For the second unfortunately, I was forgot to bring my passport but I just gambled because I can remember my passport number.

2.00 pm : Departed from Melbourne central. Me, Imran, Abg Epoi, Kak Uji and Apek were really motivated to go to Lilydale. We bought the daily ticket for zone 1 plus zone 2, it cost us for AUD10.10.

3.00 pm : Arrived at Lilydale train station. I called Qilah, the person who already settled her registration with the agent to ask her about the direction to the agent office.

3.30 pm : Arrived at Sarina Russo Harvest Agency, they welcomed us nicely. We filled the from given. After that, we had fish and chip at the shop which is near to the train station.

The evidences that we had registered in Sarina Russo Agency

4.00 pm : Went back to city and lepak at Habor town with Fiki and Imran.


Rosie Rose said...

salam mate. drop by to wish ya all the best. always pray for your health and happiness. enjoy ur summer there and work hard. nanti i balik sana, kite ronggeng sama2... ur treat occay? *dah kaya kannnnn*. jgn sibuk igt nak kawinnnn je.. igt kawan2 sama.. LMAO.

miss to hang out with the remaining KITA gang.