Saturday, December 27, 2008

Farewell Kak Hasnah and Beaching in St Kilda with Farhana

Actually, I should post this entry last 5 days. Kak Hasnah, who is the same staff like me in UniMAP left Melbourne last 22th December. A day before she is leaving us, we had spent time together at McDonald in Albion St. It is the only halal McDonald in Melbourne.

Imraan and I went late to the McDonald as Kak Hasnah, Kak Jess, Aliyah and Farhana waited us for more than half an hour. It was not my fault actually, It was Imraan. He was stayed here for almost 3 years, I just wondering how can he forgot the way to go Albion St. At first, I was thinking that he took the wrong way which he took the way to Sydney Rd instead of Lygon St. However, I just kept quite and did nothing as he is very expert in Melbourne better than me, of course la.

Farhana, my friend from Sydney just finished her conference at Deakin University in Geelong.


Last month, I had promised Farhana to guide her browsing around Melbourne. It is my pleasure to bring her to walk around here since she is also same staff in UniMAP.

Unfortunately, I broke the promise. I can't make it because i got the delivery furniture job on the week she is coming to Melbourne. hehe.

Am I cruel?

A little bit information of Farhana, she now doing master by research in University of New South Wales near to Sydney. Her research is related to material engineering, as I heard her conversation with Dzul, she doing research on the material of valve on vehicle.

**End of flashback**

Me, Imraan, Aliyah and Farhana went to St Kilda beach afterward. It really cold there even it was summer in Melbourne. Unpredictable climate happened in here...

Kak Hasnah farewell was held in Alamaro in Sydney Rd. We had spent a nice time together and I had Fettucuni which is sound good but it was not as my expextation. I not really like that meal. hehe...


ladyeena said...

time and timing.... again???? com'on buddy. it's already 2009. please include it as part of ur AZAM TAHUN BARU. to change the attitude. =) nanti cikgu disiplin dah nak balik melben... namo lambat2 dah k bila nak datingggg :P