Sunday, December 7, 2008

My new shoes, Circa

I forgot to tell that I just bought a new shoes since my Etnies no longer in a good condition. I bought it for only AUD $40 from Evolution shop in DFO, Spencer St and I think it was the cheapest skate shoes that can I get here. you cannot find as that price for Circa at any skateboard shop in Melbourne even though the skateboard shop in Smith St. Actually, I was eager to wear this brand of shoes since I started to skate about 5 years ago. And finally, I managed to wear it. Should I wear it tomorrow? Pakai sudey... LOL

My Circa is ready for the 180 flip... hehe

Before that, me and Akmal went to Camberwell. We stayed there until all the booth is closed. Nothing much for me, I just bought the kacket for my girlfriend. hehe...