Sunday, December 14, 2008

RMIT graduation photo shoot

I was very busy with my casual work as a furniture delivery boy in Moorabin. FYI, the warehouse is just 10 mins to Clayton.

So imagine how far it is from city and how long it takes to arrive at the warehouse. And the rare things that I have to do is wake up at 530 am and go to work at 600 am.

There was a photo shoot session for RMIT graduate on Sunday. As usual, I accompanied Akmal to the Storey Hall in RMIT. At there, we met Kak Hasnah and she seems like very happy, I can see on her face. It is a cheerful face not a poker face okay. haha.

To Ina, I only got some photo of Akmal with his robe and photo of me wearing the suit. Because of many of the photos is taken by Kak Hasnah's camera.


ladyeena said...

please update... wanna see u guys in robe! wud u pls put up some akmal's (and others if there is any) as well?

wish to be there wit u guys.. and snap snap LOL.

chi am said...

woih ape ko keje construction ke ape skang nih?

ladyeena said...

wah wah wah... kacak bergaya... macam ni la boypren-boypren i.. kan 'ringan' sikit kepala si akmal camtu.. bergaya pun iye. korang ni mmg la... bila i takde baru nak gaya2..