Saturday, August 30, 2008

Enjoyable time in Mt Bawbaw

Here some photos of us during our one day trip to Mt Bawbaw. Really cold here...

train is prohibited... do not try this skill at home.. lol

Allah creation...

This is our snowman... "i'm the famous" said the snowman...hehe

Aussie said "awesome mate, could you please teach me how to land like yours"hehe

our compulsory activities is jumping....

Akmal said "I got dirty hands" Mazlee further "u the man"

Mazlee asked "Effy, can u help me fix with this chain, i cant do it"
Effy said "i can help shoot ur picture for u" lol

Where should i go? Resort office? bar? ski hire? toilet? i cant cope anymore.. hehe

Welcome to Mt Bawbaw... yippie...

me and u...

alhamdulillah, we got a very enjoyable moment in mt bawbaw...

Gerimis Mengundang

Firstly, i would like to thank to ina stress and inah, both who make me want to continue write something in here... i'm appreciate your comments..

Here, i like to share my story for last Thursday nite. After break our fasting, akmal n me went to carnegie to help abg ijam to transfer his sofa, bed and washer machine. We arrived at carnegie 15 minutes before abg ijam and his lorry driver came there.

I'm agreed it was so cold when being in the surburb. Actually carnegie is located in surburb area and it takes about 30 minutes journey using train from the city. As i remember before, carnegie was in the south of victoria state but since akmal still refused as said it was in the north. Therefore, i was very confident that we should take the upfield line train to carnegie. It is the only line to the north area. Apparently, i was true. carnegie was in the south. Thank god we managed to check the connex journey map before we jump up to the upfield line train. We waited 4 mintues for pakenham line train to arrive.

As usual, akmal was busying with his handphone and I was very bored at that time open my music player to hear some music (it was happy together from simple plan).

I found out the driver lorry was 60 years last month but u all will never believe if i tell that he can manage to take up the very heavy (to me) to abg ijam house. He was very strong old people. I asked him the secrets how he maintain like a young person. He advised me to not find the good couple.

He said "dont ever find a good girl, find the bad one".

He explained "the good girl make you stay at home and the bad girl make you strong".

I was a bit confused. I dont know. It perhaps his opinion about girl.

Abg ijam served us a late dinner. It was chilli prawn, mix vegies and my favourite dish telor dadar. Thanks abg ijam. And me still couldnt believe that abg ijam can cook till this time. Why should man have to cook? hehe

After that, we watched some "good" programme on the tv. Seriuosly, in aussie they never sensored or blocked some "good" scene. No wonder la it was a late nite show. haha.

As the result, akmal and me missed the last train to the city. It doesnt matter for me anywhere but akmal being really frustrated, he gonna missed his conversation with his Lilyn that nite. Thanks god, abg ijam give akmal favor to use his laptop.

We came back to lazzat the next day.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

aku wanita

First of all, I would like to make a confession here, I'm Mazlee and I'm a originally man. LOL

Actually I'm switching the Datuk Siti song called "aku wanita" to drive up my mood today. LOL

I was like have a good mood to update my writing at this moment since i even never open my blog for last 1 week. I got many story to be told here but since my friend, ina stress was very impressive update her blog everyday and for sure almost of her writing is about our (KITA) activities recently, make me a kind of lazy to write something here. To ina stress, sharing is caring kan? so what is the problem if i said "your blog is my blog, my blog is mine. LOL

Let me just summarize what was happened for last 1 weeks:

  • One day trip to Mt Baw Baw on 23 August
This is my third attempts to experience with snow. Even it was like a last called for us (since it supposedly spring by end of this month) but we managed the last minute of winter to have really good memories together.

Finally, I found a real snow falling in Mt Baw Baw. I was like feel compassion at that time.

Some descriptions of my trip members:

  1. Kak Jes as our expertise driver never feel doubt to bring us to the top of Mt Baw Baw. No wonder la, she was a very good driver since she got experienced driving car while her master last couple of years. She was the only driver throughout our 3 hours journey.
  2. Effy as a co driver. She also acting like Global Positioning System (GPS) in which she responsibility to show the right direction to our destination.
  3. Ina stress as our entertainer. Some funny stories was delivered by her. One of the stories that can i remember till today is "Pokok pink ni buatkan i teringat kat jambu". Funny kan? How can she imagine that kind of tree as jambu tree. LOL
  4. Akmal as a 2nd co pilot. Without his good skill in order to find the direction and to determine which the right exit really useful for Kak Jes. Alhamdulillah we never lost all the way to Mt Baw Baw. He also successfully fitted our car's tires with chain (avoid the car sliding on ice)

  • Cinema day, watching "wanted" in Hotys Melbourne Central yesterday
Will continue after i'm finish my class. Got to help Abg Ijam today.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Unimelb Open Day 2008

Good day mate...

Last night, I dont have a mood to update my blog because I had a raining nose disease since last morning. And last night I managed to sleep early hoping my nose will be better tomorrow. Fortunately, it really happen today although it is not 100% heal. But no worries, insyaAllah it will be better in this afternoon. Hope so...

Today, I woke up earlier than yesterday (7.03 am compared to 8.30 am in yesterday). Usually, after praying my subuh and read two pages of Al-quran, I will definitely open my laptop and try to make me connecting to the world. I love to read the news in and what i'm figured out today is Chong Wei failed to give Malaysia a first ever gold medal after he smashed down by the world first ranking, Lin Dan. The newspaper alleged that he was not playing as he did when struggling to the final. I think he was very nervous since he was the only hope to win the first gold ever in Olympic games. But, actually it is a fabulous performance in Malaysian squad (single game) as the last medal won by Rashid Sidek is only bronze in Atlanta 1996.

I'm finished on Olympic games and I should turn to my attention what was happen yesterday since it is became my blog title for today.

We (Ina, Akmal and me) had a very good time and memories yesterday in University of Melbourne. Bro Nazrul supposed to join us but in last minute he drawed back after he needs to accompanying his boss who had a meeting last morning. Hadi who came early to my place being a replacement of Bro Nazrul but he only spent approximately 15 minutes together then he dismissed to Victoria Market after grabbing some "roti telor" brought by Ina LOL.

And Akmal suppose to fast yesterday ( it was nifsu syaaban - middle of syaaban), he even refused to drink tea that I had made special for him but finally he cannot fight against "godaan" Ina. He broke his fasting with the 2 pieces delicious "roti telo" and vitamin water (we went through a long queue to got that water).

Our target to collect the freebies in the open day was accomplished.

  1. couple of bags with Unimelb anthem (cost of $2.50)
  2. 3 pieces of pens of differences faculty in Unimelb
  3. paper bag from economic and commerce faculty
  4. balloons with Unimelb anthem
  5. a keychain from Yarra tram
  6. a box of tissues (it really worth it for me LOL)
  7. Drinking bottle from STA travel... Bro Nazrul, dont be jelous ok

We also got a free foods there.

  • vitamin water (it is cranberry flavor)
  • original donut of crispy creame.
  • some sweets
  • "roti telo" ina lol
Unforgotten, I got stomached that afternoon. Dont worry ina, its not your fault. hehe. She really afraid if her "roti telo" had caused me stomached. But i dont think so.

We never forget to take pictures on the open day. Thanks akmal n ina for being my photographer.

we need to exercise too... jumping is one of my favorite.

me and the balloons... do u think me like a clown?? LOL

a long queue for vitamin water... nasib baik ade ina... LOL

we loves yarra trams...

I was the unimelb student... hehe... dont trust me... LOL

Saturday, August 16, 2008

very peace morning

What a wonderful and peace this morning. I feel like i am being in very quite place with nobody else intruding me. Its in my bed actually, start to type something today after i didnt update it for last couple days. Hopefully, i can really make it.

Guess what, i already finished watching Gossip girl (xoxo) and Californication. I have no idea why they made that such episode story in just 1 month displays to be settled. Both of this story actually end up with unpredictable ending. Its total difference with another movie that i have been watched before. I am not a good promoter, but if i am really satisfied with the film, then i take that responsibility to do so.

Frankly speaking, I am not kinda film or movie addicter. But since i was so bored then i feel the emptiness in my time have to be filled with something, then started to find an easy going film and somehow can giving me some aspirational. what the h**l that i am talking about (this is the some example that i am influenced by david duchovny).

Even someone thinks that these 2 short films might be given the negative influences to the viewer, but actually we as a human being, we knows how to differentiate between the good and the bad thing, am i right? what ever negative scene that the film director included in that film, is not a big deal for me. what i wanted to emphasize here is what the exactly he or she wanted to end up the story. definitely, both of the story ended up with some morales to me.

I am kinda like to use "end up" lately. hehe...

So it finished what I am wanna to tell for this morning...

Yesterday, I met my previous lecturer in UniMAP, now he still struggling with his PhD in same university of mine. (proudly to be Victorian Uni student).

Actually, I was planned to finish my Advanced VLSI project (its shift register using transmission gate as a D flip flop on it) . But we just can plan it and the God ensuring what will gonna happen next. Luckily, really thank to God, its been a long time i didnt see that kinda good lecturer to me.

We had a pretty long chat together from the entrance of the mosque till end up at his office. He told me from how he started to select VU as the place to further his PhD until the day he successfully done his project. I am not really sure about his project title, but it i something related to pressure sensor using micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS). its is really high end of the chip fabrication technique. I eager to get involve in that field but i have to do a lot of things for it since i am totally zero on it.

Yufridin said "the Phd is totally difference to your master study, its a long journey"

He also added "saya baru tahu sekarang, kalau you amik PhD nanti, you kene control the supervisor and dont let he or she control you as 100%"

Thanks for the advises.

Still mumbling here, I forgot to get ready for Abg Zul a housewarming so called. hehe... Credit to Abg Zul, he is really awesome in cooking. I am not kidding... trust me... hehe... even he is a good photographer as my second credit to him.

Have to get ready.

Chiao for now


Tuesday, August 5, 2008


After almost 5 months am here, finally I met kangaroo yesterday.It was a wonderful time to me since it is included in my wish list to meet them here.

Huh.. sorry for not telling u all about my trip to Adelaide... the city of church.... no wonder there are so many church here.

ALIYAH, Akmal, Ina, Effy, Kak Dila, Abg Zul, Bro Nazrul and me had a budget trip for 2 days to Adelaide. It was a long journey trip frankly I never travel for that very far trip before.

As usual our main purpose is to take as many pictures as we can during our occasion there. And it was successfully achieved. Congratulation my friends...

A moment with kangaroos and koalas will am not forgotten forever. So my wish to meet kangaroo was accomplished yesterday. Only god knows how was my feeling when I was meeting them. Cool huh... But how can I do to my wish to bring kangaroo to Malaysia... is it possible? unless I have a pouch like them... probably I can bring one. Impossible rite?

Before I got sleep, here my photos my kangaroo. Thanks to bro Nazrul for this lovely photos. I like it...

see...I was so happy being with the kangaroo... ohh poor little kangaroo hungry ye, I got some cornflake for u... yum yum.. great huh??

wish list:

a) meeting kangaroos : done

b) meeting koalas : done

Needs to get off... it 1259 am here.