Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gerimis Mengundang

Firstly, i would like to thank to ina stress and inah, both who make me want to continue write something in here... i'm appreciate your comments..

Here, i like to share my story for last Thursday nite. After break our fasting, akmal n me went to carnegie to help abg ijam to transfer his sofa, bed and washer machine. We arrived at carnegie 15 minutes before abg ijam and his lorry driver came there.

I'm agreed it was so cold when being in the surburb. Actually carnegie is located in surburb area and it takes about 30 minutes journey using train from the city. As i remember before, carnegie was in the south of victoria state but since akmal still refused as said it was in the north. Therefore, i was very confident that we should take the upfield line train to carnegie. It is the only line to the north area. Apparently, i was true. carnegie was in the south. Thank god we managed to check the connex journey map before we jump up to the upfield line train. We waited 4 mintues for pakenham line train to arrive.

As usual, akmal was busying with his handphone and I was very bored at that time open my music player to hear some music (it was happy together from simple plan).

I found out the driver lorry was 60 years last month but u all will never believe if i tell that he can manage to take up the very heavy (to me) to abg ijam house. He was very strong old people. I asked him the secrets how he maintain like a young person. He advised me to not find the good couple.

He said "dont ever find a good girl, find the bad one".

He explained "the good girl make you stay at home and the bad girl make you strong".

I was a bit confused. I dont know. It perhaps his opinion about girl.

Abg ijam served us a late dinner. It was chilli prawn, mix vegies and my favourite dish telor dadar. Thanks abg ijam. And me still couldnt believe that abg ijam can cook till this time. Why should man have to cook? hehe

After that, we watched some "good" programme on the tv. Seriuosly, in aussie they never sensored or blocked some "good" scene. No wonder la it was a late nite show. haha.

As the result, akmal and me missed the last train to the city. It doesnt matter for me anywhere but akmal being really frustrated, he gonna missed his conversation with his Lilyn that nite. Thanks god, abg ijam give akmal favor to use his laptop.

We came back to lazzat the next day.