Sunday, November 30, 2008

Unproductive Sunday

Nothing much happen today. I just wasted my time in my bedroom by watching CD. Fortunately, Ina gave me a bundle of CD, at least there are some entertainment for me when I'm realy bored. I planned to go to Camberwell today but it too late to reach there since Akmal and I was not ready yet to go out.

I just texting Ina just now, she's in Damansara. It sounds that she really enjoy being in Malaysia. While, I'm still here nothing to do in this summer break.

This night, I will attend the BBQ organised by Zul and Haadi in Clayton. Before that I have to buy some drinks and breads that requested by Haadi. Hopefully, I will not forgotten to bring it there.

Now, I'm listening the Kate Perry song called "hot and cold". I'm kind of obsess to this song since Akmal keep repeated it on his laptop. What else I should write here...

Owh, my result will be available on tomorrow. I feel like very nervous to reveal my result. Please pray for me mates. Hopefully, I will get the better result than previous semester. Actually, it is crucial for me as it is being my token to further study for my PHD. Do I ready for it? hehe. I don't know. Just wait and see how I will working with it. InsyaAllah, The Mighty will be definitely help me to figure out this matter. Amin...

Picture of the day? I think I should put some pictures in every entry. So for today pictures will be definitely picture of mine, who else kan...

Below pictures captured on the level 57 of Rialto building, it is known as Melbourne Observation Deck. We can see 360 degrees of Melbourne through this second tallest tower in here. For my note, the pictures were taken on 22th November 2008.

The view from Rialto

You can my university inside this picture...

The most right is the tallest tower in Melbourne... Eureka Skydeck....

At the entrance of Rialto Observation Deck

Am I love Melbourne? hehe...

At the Rialto counter

U can use binocular there for free... but what exactly I want to see through it? dunno...

I wuz here...

Sshh.. don't tell anybody occay...

Seems like tired spending all the day on the tower

U can create your own souvenir here..

Ok mate, enjoy your Sunday. Gotta go for Asar pray...

See you in Monday... Chiao

Saturday, November 29, 2008

An evening in Southern Star, Dockland

I was still sleeping when M called me early in the morning. He asked me and Akmal to go to Smith St. for have shopping there. I just agreed with him since we don't have any plan to go today (not like the previous weekend Bro Nazrul or Ina will ask us to go somewhere but not this weekend and after, no one will care about us... isk isk...). We met after had lunch in Lazzat and walked through the Royal Exhibition Building (REB) just behind our place. We were so lucky because the bus just came on time we arrived there. We had took the bus since there was no tram service to the Smith St. I don't know what it is exactly reason for no tram service to there. The bus was very crowded with peoples and we had to stand until we were reached at stop number 20. It was my first time to see so many peoples all around the Smith St (maybe they do shopping for the Christmas Eve just around the corner). Initially, along this street there are many of boutique such as Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Timberland, Rip Curl, DCshoecousa, Essential Man and many more. Some of peoples here called this place as factory outlet. One of unbelievable thing for me was there are long queue of peoples to enter the Nike outlet. M have been taken the photos of the long queue, I will get the photo from him and maybe show to you guys later. I am not sure why they willing to queue up there even it was a long line. We decided not to join them otherwise it will wasted our time there. I just bought a pair of sock, it was New Balance and it just AUD 2.50. Akmal became the man of the day, he seems like enjoyed shopping there and bought tshirt and handbag of Roxy. Meanwhile, M just went back with nothing. We took a taxi, me and Akmal just don't worry it because M who volunteer to pay for the taxi.

Then, me and Akmal took a rest for awhile to have pray. Afterward, I asked Akmal to go to Southern Star because as far as my concern it was an event held at there. So without took much time, we took a tram to reach there. As Akmal said the event will be no longer be held as in the time was at 6.00 pm at that time, its true everything was finish already we arrived there. Therefore, we just went around there and browsed some shops like Sinatra and Australia Sourvenir Merchandise. We bought some fridge magnets and nail clipper. It was like 3 weeks I am not cut my nail. So Ina, don't worry I will cut it after this. After shopping, we took some photos there. Me and Akmal keep rotated as photographer and model there. I just want to show here my photos to make Bro Nazrul and Ina jelous what we are doing here. Tu la sape suruh balik Malaysia awal sgt. hehe.

In front of ice cream shop but we don't had it

Background of Southern Star

In front of the the fish and chip restaurant that M really want to go there

Me and keep posing

Me jumping even it was many peoples around there, no ashame at all...

Christmas tree?? I think so...

From Dockland, i can see Southern Star. hehe

In the Waterfront city, Dockland

I don't know there was a tramboat in Melbourne... huh?

Bile la nak naik ni... do I have to wait Bro Nazrul and Ina?? hehe...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Alone in Friday

I am still here in Melbourne even two of my good friends, Ina stress and Bro Nazrul are departed this morning for having holiday in Malaysia. Actually, I don't have major plan to do in this summer break. But what I was intended to do in this break is to find a part time job otherwise my holiday will be wasted.

Yesterday is last day for KITA gang being together. If you guys read my last entries maybe you guys found that I had explaining about the gang. At this moment, just me and Akmal left here and as I mentioned above, Ina and Nazrul were in their way back to Malaysia. We are perfect when we are together and we are complement each others.

We had about 6 months being together and yesterday we were just ended our episode of journey in Melbourne together. We went to Max Brenner after Akmal agreed to treat us. We had Toffee Milk Chocolate Frappe, Tutti Fruitti Waffle, Strawberry Float and Soufli. Nopol or M, our Thailand friend join us as well. We had a plenty time together in the Max Brenner and after that we took some photos before had dinner in Effy's house in Global Village.

Seriously, at this time me and Akmal like "bergantung tak bertali". We are nothing to do and no one will ask us to go out today. So pity of us.

This is what I called KITA gang

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sekolah Izzuddin Shah: my old school

If you guys did clicked to the Nama (not a real name) link at the blog that I used to read column. Maybe You guys will be found that my name in it. Actually, he was one of my good friends my old school in Sekolah Izzuddin Shah, Ipoh. I don't know whether you guys recognize about this school or not. But, I am really proud about to be Izzuddinian. Even, I was the second batch from the 1995 acceptance but the knowledge and memory that I got there, and being apart of the school give me such a plesure.

Actually, I'm not deserved to get in to the school because I'd only got B for Islamic study and A for Mathematic and Science. And the school only accept the candidates who got 2A's. After I'm really talked seriously with my parent about that school. Then, they tried hard to take me get in any how the way is. Luckily, at that time my grandpa had a friend there and because of he really wanted me to school there then he sent sort of persuade letter. So started from that time, I was get involved in sort of cronism ideology. Do you think I'm into it?

One story that I will never forget is when I was in form one in Ibnu Sina class. For your information, I was not good in reading quran and I even not finished my quran reading yet. So to make the story, one day my quran reading teacher ask to the class "who still do not finish his reading of quran, please hands up". You guys know, with very confident I was put my hands up because I thought there will be more student will do so like me. I was feel humiliated at that time. I don't know how to show my face to the teacher and to my friends. After that moment, I'm always be the last person who will examined by my teacher because my reading was the slowest and the worst in the class. hehe. But nowadays, my reading getting more more better. Good huh?

I will story you guys more about my past time in couple of days. Because of that, I have to refresh back my memory. In fact, I'm bad in remembering.

Need to get off from my bed to have shower.

Its 1.04 pm already in Melbourne.

I grabbed this below picture from Amin Al-Haadi, friend of mine. Look at me, look like Sixth Sense vox right?? hehe..

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Anynomous title

Since I was busy with my study and project a month ago,I feel like very unmotivated to continue blogging anymore. And I found out my blog is purposely to share what I have been doing here rather than discussing anything some can be beneficial to you guys. So what can I do is maybe sometimes I can attach something more information about Aussie to you guys.

I just finish my last exam yesterday, it was practical exam for Digital Signal System. How is it? Not bad la. As long as I can write the code and get the correct output for question 1 and 2, only for question number 3, I cannot get the output, I don't know I think my code is perfect but since the output is not appear as expected that means I failed in that question. However, I still can get the good mark (I think so as I asked the tutor about my mark) though I cannot answer the 3rd question very well. I still can remember of my mom advices after I "failed" to get the good result in SPM last 9 years, "You're not fail Mazlee, don't think if you're fail (not getting the good result) you will be fail forever". Thanks ibu, its really meant to me. I will use your words as I am alive.

I still have another 2 projects to be submitted this Monday. And as before, I yet start both of the project report. Its kinda last minute job. The crucial part is I have to understand every part that I'll include inside my report as there are presentation and QA session as well. The marks will be given based on my understanding about the project. So I decided to choose the easiest title and I am familiar with.

Ok mate, will be continue this night... Before that, I am happy to let you know today it will be MYER christmast parade in Bourke St. I will not miss it. Let go mate...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just for a while time....

Yeah.. getting busy with my study stuff for a month ago denied me to update something in my blog. I start thinking to create another blog perhaps. It will be I just realized, I am Melbourne part II. hehe... Is it cute?

Just wanna show you guys my new pic here with my new hair style. It was taken right after I got my Ipod from PBS radio station. Thanks Akmal who accompanied me on that day.

That it for this time... Still have exam actually on this Friday... Wish me luck...

Good day mate...