Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sekolah Izzuddin Shah: my old school

If you guys did clicked to the Nama (not a real name) link at the blog that I used to read column. Maybe You guys will be found that my name in it. Actually, he was one of my good friends my old school in Sekolah Izzuddin Shah, Ipoh. I don't know whether you guys recognize about this school or not. But, I am really proud about to be Izzuddinian. Even, I was the second batch from the 1995 acceptance but the knowledge and memory that I got there, and being apart of the school give me such a plesure.

Actually, I'm not deserved to get in to the school because I'd only got B for Islamic study and A for Mathematic and Science. And the school only accept the candidates who got 2A's. After I'm really talked seriously with my parent about that school. Then, they tried hard to take me get in any how the way is. Luckily, at that time my grandpa had a friend there and because of he really wanted me to school there then he sent sort of persuade letter. So started from that time, I was get involved in sort of cronism ideology. Do you think I'm into it?

One story that I will never forget is when I was in form one in Ibnu Sina class. For your information, I was not good in reading quran and I even not finished my quran reading yet. So to make the story, one day my quran reading teacher ask to the class "who still do not finish his reading of quran, please hands up". You guys know, with very confident I was put my hands up because I thought there will be more student will do so like me. I was feel humiliated at that time. I don't know how to show my face to the teacher and to my friends. After that moment, I'm always be the last person who will examined by my teacher because my reading was the slowest and the worst in the class. hehe. But nowadays, my reading getting more more better. Good huh?

I will story you guys more about my past time in couple of days. Because of that, I have to refresh back my memory. In fact, I'm bad in remembering.

Need to get off from my bed to have shower.

Its 1.04 pm already in Melbourne.

I grabbed this below picture from Amin Al-Haadi, friend of mine. Look at me, look like Sixth Sense vox right?? hehe..


- G O R O - said...


Adakah aku seorang pembuli?>

byk dosa aku dekat hang...

NAMA cakap aku dak jahat.

ladyeena said...

apa kaitan citer skolah izzuddin ngan pic ala2 6ixth sense lak? adess u nih! :P

duniaku said...

السلام عليكم
selamat berkenalan. sila lawati blog saya. anakgeriksoleh.blogspot