Friday, November 28, 2008

Alone in Friday

I am still here in Melbourne even two of my good friends, Ina stress and Bro Nazrul are departed this morning for having holiday in Malaysia. Actually, I don't have major plan to do in this summer break. But what I was intended to do in this break is to find a part time job otherwise my holiday will be wasted.

Yesterday is last day for KITA gang being together. If you guys read my last entries maybe you guys found that I had explaining about the gang. At this moment, just me and Akmal left here and as I mentioned above, Ina and Nazrul were in their way back to Malaysia. We are perfect when we are together and we are complement each others.

We had about 6 months being together and yesterday we were just ended our episode of journey in Melbourne together. We went to Max Brenner after Akmal agreed to treat us. We had Toffee Milk Chocolate Frappe, Tutti Fruitti Waffle, Strawberry Float and Soufli. Nopol or M, our Thailand friend join us as well. We had a plenty time together in the Max Brenner and after that we took some photos before had dinner in Effy's house in Global Village.

Seriously, at this time me and Akmal like "bergantung tak bertali". We are nothing to do and no one will ask us to go out today. So pity of us.

This is what I called KITA gang


ladyeena said...

daaaaaaa... tu la u.. jom la balik mesia jom la jom laa... balik tiem akmal balik nanti.. so u tak sedey sgt. jom la u jommm...

kite gath kat mesia je.. airasia ada promotion utk bulan 2... leh wat utk u balik melben nanti..