Monday, September 22, 2008

Better than yesterday

Hi mate!

Thanks to God, today I managed to take my sahur. It is a good starting for today. I had pasta with laksa Terengganu gravy made by Ina, seriously it tastes really nice. It made me and Akmal really enjoying our sahur.

Stop talking about sahur. I would like to let you all know that my kad raya is successfully done this morning. I am really glad as this is my first time kad raya made by myself. Now i knew it is very easy to make kad raya by using technology available nowadays. And of course it is not only easy, it cost me around 40 cents = 19 cents (photo) + 20 cents (blank card and envelope). Cheap huh???

This is my special kad raya for KITA gang...Hope you all like it...

Today, I have class in RMIT Uni at 11.30 am to 2.30 pm. I am still not begin my project yet. I got 4 projects (each subject got a project) this semester. But my mood to study will definitely come when it close to due date. Hopefully, I will finish it ealier than what I have expected.

Got to go now. Have to prepare something for the class.

See you. Have a nice MONDAY.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday in Camberwell

Good day mate... Hows it going???

I skipped my sahur this morning. This is my first actually. I only had a drink of soya bean and it is not enough for me. I used to set my alarm before and I am rely on Ina miscall everyday. But somehow I didnt noticed my alarm and even Ina miscall. And my last hope is Faisal to wake me up unluckily he also wake up late this morning. This what can we called a fate.

Nevertheless, I have to fasting today no matter what.

This morning,Akmal asked me to accompany him to Camberwell. Before this, I can say almost every week we gonna spend our weekend in the sunday market. Actually it was like car boot sale, there selling like second hand items such as clothes, books, electronic equipments etc. I had no expectation to shop this weekend because it only $15 left in my wallet. I was like to save my money since I had over budget for last months.

I only can expect but what can I do if the Mighty set me to shop some clothes today. lol. It shouldnt be my reason right?

Here is the evidence what I bought there. It was a t-shirt and sweater. Both are same brand of cotton on. Thank to Akmal for choosing them for me.

I spent 2 dollars for the blue t-shirt and only 4 dollars for the sweater. Its good bargain right?

Before I quit, I want to show you guys some of my collection. I got 2 kad raya already. One of them is from my vice chancellor and the other is given by Ina, actually it is her handmade kad raya. Thanks. Now I still wait kad raya from Akmal and Bro Nazrul.

Have a nice weekend...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

It is spring season

Good day mates...

I didn't update my blog since last 13th September... I was like didn't have any intention to make it. This morning, I plan to create Eidul Fitri card by my own self. I decide to select some pictures inside my hard disc and do some editing on it. Even though, I don't have any experience creating the card but I don't have other option, there was no Eidul Fitri card available in Melbourne. Maybe it was sell in here but it hard to find and the price will be quite high.

I'm using Picnik for the editing. It was cool. Thank you Ina for introducing me this website. So many things we can do from it. I have done one, here you are. It is picture of Royal Exhibition Building (REB) in Carlton Garden.

Here some others kad raye that I created within 5 minutes per card... I am not the kind of perfectness person. One thing I spent much time to select the picture to be edit. I found it difficult since I dont have many picture that suitable for Hari Raye.

This is for KITA clan...

For my parent perhaps...

For my rector and dean maybe...

Hows my work?? hope it is sedap mata dipandang... see you mates...

Workstation: Lazzat vs Victoria Uni

Here I would like to show you guys my workstation in Lazzat and Victoria Uni. What can I say I prefer to use my lab as workstation since I can't access to the Cadence software in my room. I spent most of my time in Microelectronics Design Laboratory while I'm in VicUni. U can find me in this peaceful place, only a few of students are using this although there are so many computers.

My workstation in VicUni

It seems like I was too closed to the screen right? But don't worry, it is just for a while for the photography session. It purposely to show me really enjoy doing this lab. Seriously, I addicted to this software.

Infront of my lab... see this lab is empty. where is everybody?

The example of my circuit design including the simulation. It is NAND gate if you guys want to know. simple huh??

My workstation in Lazzat.

I took this picture when I was doing a revision before seated a real test of Semiconductor Fabrication subject. I'm a kind of last minute person too...

Some of my book collections. But all of them were not mine. Borrowed from library... save money la mau kawin.. lol

So what do you think? which one better? my room in lazzat or my lab in VicUni??

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A balanced day of yesterday

I am believe and admit that only The Mighty Allah can determine what will be happen in our life. We as His slave can only make a plan or target and the end of the day we will know the result either our plan is achieved or definitely buried.

Seriously, I am not very good in language.

I woke up yesterday at 430 in the morning for sahur and thanks Bro Faisal for his kindly woke me up. Lately, he became my alarm since Ina Stress is out of duty.

I was like obsessed to Kalimatan - the seal of al Bukhari at this moment. I keep listen this nasyid song without any feeling of bored. No matter what I was doing in the lab even in the mosque before Jumaat pray, I spent time listen to it as it is a Zikr to The Merciful. My Indian friend, Sandeep asked me what type of song that I was listened to, I said it is religious song. He kind of interested because I kept repeated this song in the lab. I was using my earphone but he still can listened to it make me feel astonished the creation of Allah.

Here I got something to share. It was about a true story and apart of khutbah script yesterday.

It happen in some place in Arabic region, there was a millionaire people came and realized there was no mosque in such a peaceful place. Therefore he decided to built a mosque as he had afford to do so. He started to asked people who took in charge of the land and unfortunately no one knew about the owner of the land. Then, he went to something like' land department' and asked them about the land. They discovered the owner is working as a cleaner in a school nearby. Without take much time, he directly meet the man.

And even the man don't know that the land was beloging to him. He don't know how much exactly the price should be proposed to the millionaire. The rich man came back to the land officer to find out the land price is about 2 million dinar.

Then, he met the man again and explained about the price. Then he paid one million dinar by cheque and he will pay another one million after the construction finished.

Suddenly, the cleaner asked the millionaire what he want to do with the land. The millionaire said he want to built a mosque. Right after that, the clenaer teared the cheque into pieces and he said "oh, you want to be good more than me in front of Allah?, then please take this land for free".


Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 16

The opposition party leader, Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim committed his promise to topple Malaysia government on this 16th September. He was really confirmed that he will make it as his speculation about several of Barisan Nasiaonal MPs will jump party to join opposition. But I am still doubt about his claimed and until now I was praying that his plan will be not achieve even on this 16th or at any date at all.

I was the fanatic fan of DSAI before. In 1998 but I can't remember the date, I was really shocked when I was reading the newspaper. Dr Mahathir at that time and now Tun Dr Mahathir have sacked DSAI as a reason that DSAI involved in money corruption. And at that moment, I was become the number one enemy of Dr M. I'm hate him much.

Fortunately, I am not influenced to DSAI anymore. And from now on I am declare myself as the enemy of DSAI. I will never support him even though if he really become a PM. I hope not.

Oh Allah, please guide us toward your blessing. We are so naive and please help our beloved country to be more Islamic and more develop.


Today, I got the Physics and Simulation Device project. But I still have to choose one among the titles given on the cource guide. It was 19 titles was selected by Dr Alireza and I have to do the project report in 5 to 10 pages as his requirement. I was excited before when he asked us to do it in the group. Unfortunately, after 2 weeks and he come back from India, he definitely ruin myself. He changed his mind and the project have to be submitted as an individual project. I have to be more hardworking after this. I will.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Political issues in Malaysia

Happy Ramadhan mates...

I was "called" to write here about political issues that were seriously terrible in Malaysia. As a Malaysian, I am very sad regarding the racial issues crashed between Malay and Chinese. We are multiracial country, we have to be unite no matter what is our race, believe and religion. We had a bad time before we are independent but why we still make our country in trouble because of this matter. We had agreed our promises not to get mess with the racial issues, it should be not become a big deal as we are 51 years free recently.

Then, I am very sad that the opposition take this opportunity to be a so called popular party in our country. We had rejected them before but why we come to them this time. Frankly, they just take for the granted. They so called manifestos are just empty promises, they will not conduct their promises to be reality.

Seriously, I am not the politic person.

I am just a regular person that very concern about my beloved country.

We are Malaysian. Why we are make fool to our leader. Why we make insult to him? Why don't support him till he step down? Oh Allah, please take care of our country. I am very pleased to u Allah. And I definitely will pray for our Malaysia to be peace and to be free till the end of the day.

Have to get ready, I had to seat a mock test today at 130 pm. I must do something for it. And hope I can contribute to my country. How about you, mates?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Last week activities

As I mentioned in my previous post,I have a lot works to do today. Nevertheless, I feel like I want to share some photos that shows my last week activities.

What happen on last Saturday is I went to Royal Exhibition Building (REB) which is just behind my place with my best friends here; Ina, Akmal and Bro Nazrul. It purposely to visit the Indonesia Festival which was held from 29 Aug to 31 Aug. We took the opportunity to show our spiritual of ASIAN there. There are some events occured inside the building which are cultural dance performances, food fair and some travel exhibitions. We also never forgot to do crime during the festival. Some evidences have been captured.

Welcome to Indonesia Festival bapak2, ibu2, tanter2... lol

See... we managed to have picture with 3 little cute dancers

Akmal very concentrate seeing Ina batik decoration

Also with beauty dancers made in Indonesia

It was gamelan performed by Aussie peoples... it kind of remind me of my prevoius memory... the truth is I had playing gamelan before... lol

At this time, they were finished. Therefore, they had a chance to smile to the camera.

its a long journey

Today, I decided to stay in my place after I figured out that I have a lot of unfinished job to be done. This Monday, I have to seat mock test for fabrication subject. Therefore, I will take my empty time to be filled with studying and doing some previous test paper.

Seriously, I am not the type of person that able to do more than one work at the same time. And I am the person who do not take for granted when I have a lot of time to finish my job. I can predict that at the end of the day, I will doing my job without my 100% capability and end up with the average marks. It was like my fate. Surely, I am accept it as I proud to be myself.

Sign off
904 am

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sujud Sajadah

My target this month of Ramadhan is to finish read the Quran. For your information, there are 15 verses of Sujud Sajadah in Quran. As muslim, we are encouraged to sujud after we listen or read these verse.

I quote the hadith below from

Daripada Abu Hurairah r.a. katanya, Rasulullah s.a.w. telah bersabda:
Apabila anak Adam membaca ayat Sajdah, lalu dia sujud; maka syaitan jatuh sambil menangis. Katanya, "Celaka aku! Anak Adam disuruh sujud, maka dia sujud, lalu mendapat syurga. Aku disuruh sujud, tetapi aku menolak maka untukku neraka." (HR Al-Bukhari dan Muslim)

Right after we read or listen sujud sajadah verse, we should sujud and read this following pray:

Hopefully, we will get blessed from Allah SWT.

Monday, September 1, 2008

1st time ramadan in oversea

Time is running fast. I had finished my 7 months here and the balance of 11 months will be sure more adventurous for me.

Today, as a muslim, I'm start to fast. This is my first time experience to have fasting hour in oversea. I never dream, I will be here. Thanks god to let me being here, I feel really thankful.

My aim now is to make this Ramadhan is better than last fasting month. As a good starting, I went to terawikh last nite and had a delicious nasi lemak for my sahur. Thanks again to god give me a such a good start.

Now, I'm listening a zikir munajat which is one of activity that can i do to increase my "reward".

I think I would like to include a niat berpuasa and doa to break fast in my blog. I'm copied and pasted it from

Do'a Niat Puasa :
nawaitu shauma godhin 'an adaai fardli syahri ramadlaani haadzihis sanati lillahi ta'aalaa

Do'a Buka Puasa :
(1) allahumma laka shumtu wa bika amantu wa 'alaa rizqika afthartu birahmatika ya arhamarrohimin

Although it is middle semester break in RMIT University but as the cross institutional student I feel like I have no break at all until the semester is over. I still have class and laboratory in Victoria University in Footsray Park this week. And I gonna to start my project since both of the subject In VU required me to do so. But it nevermind for me, if they dont give me the project, I think my master is useless since it was the only difference experiences can i got here.