Monday, September 1, 2008

1st time ramadan in oversea

Time is running fast. I had finished my 7 months here and the balance of 11 months will be sure more adventurous for me.

Today, as a muslim, I'm start to fast. This is my first time experience to have fasting hour in oversea. I never dream, I will be here. Thanks god to let me being here, I feel really thankful.

My aim now is to make this Ramadhan is better than last fasting month. As a good starting, I went to terawikh last nite and had a delicious nasi lemak for my sahur. Thanks again to god give me a such a good start.

Now, I'm listening a zikir munajat which is one of activity that can i do to increase my "reward".

I think I would like to include a niat berpuasa and doa to break fast in my blog. I'm copied and pasted it from

Do'a Niat Puasa :
nawaitu shauma godhin 'an adaai fardli syahri ramadlaani haadzihis sanati lillahi ta'aalaa

Do'a Buka Puasa :
(1) allahumma laka shumtu wa bika amantu wa 'alaa rizqika afthartu birahmatika ya arhamarrohimin

Although it is middle semester break in RMIT University but as the cross institutional student I feel like I have no break at all until the semester is over. I still have class and laboratory in Victoria University in Footsray Park this week. And I gonna to start my project since both of the subject In VU required me to do so. But it nevermind for me, if they dont give me the project, I think my master is useless since it was the only difference experiences can i got here.


Inah said...

same here..1st time ramadhan in aussie.. :)

slamat berpuasa :)

ladyeena said...

Yerp... we've completed the 1st Ramadhan and it's 2nd Ramadhan today. Feels a lot more peaceful in this holy-month. Tho u dun have sem break this semester due to clash academic schedule, be strong coz He will always be with us and only He will give us the strength. Enjoy fasting overseas! =)