Thursday, July 31, 2008

physic device simulation

Physic device simulation

I got half an hour before I go to Footscray campus. Last 2 hours, I was in physic device simulation class. As I was like compulsion to take this subject make many confusing in my brain when I was in the class. Even though the lecturer was very passionate to give the knowledge but I still cannot accept it. To me each day in a week will come out with a problem. We are courage to think in positively therefore each of the problem doesnt make any sense to ruin my day rite. So I take it easy, even I dun really understand in that class but I still have kak hasnah who take the same subject this sem... thanks god.

Trip to adelaide

I have to buy 2 packets of nugget today. I hope I will not forgotten this time (always forgot to do sumthing when doing 2 things at once).

I should get off from my laptop.

Time to solat and do collect my stuff before go to the class this evening.

Nothing much for today.

maybe I will edit this post at the end of the day.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Part I

I'm quite emotional yesterday. I dont meant it. Have my apology to drag you to my problem. It never happen again.

Yesterday I got a cancel class. Guess what I had a very good preparation to attend that class. I woke up earlier than other days. Of course I got to buy a 10 time 2 hours tix (even it was a long queue in Connex Customer Service at Melbourne Central). Took about 15 minutes to reach Footscray what a wonderful day I went through. Thanks god the bus just arrived when I was reached there (It was lucky because it never happen to me before... I hate to wait actually). Straight to the library afterward, what a very good student I am, went to library and find a suitable book before attending the class. I tried to reach Dr Ronny and as usual he never been there for me.

It 10 minutes to 3.00 pm, I'm running to G470 (actually it is just near to the library but I need to go early otherwise I will cannot find the lecture room - I really dun have idea where the class at).

Finally, I found it of course it was in Block G. It suddenly I was feeling my excitement laid down do you know why?

To dear student of VEH6004,
Class for today is cancel, I will resume the lecturer net week

Do you think I feel depressed afterward?

I got 2 answers for it

a) YES... of course I'm stressed, it really ruined my excitement to have class

b) NO... yeah... I can go back home and have a good rest while watching DVD... awesome rite... cool...

I like yesterday

But it already in the past...

Part II

Thanks for ina waking me up for the sahur. I'm appreciate it. Even I just ate one and half biscuits which I was immersed them into soya bean drink before swallowed it (I like to do it).

Today I'm fasting for Israk Mikraj day. If I'm not mistaken the day that our Prophet went to the sky to determine about solah matters (I really forgot the details about it better I read sumthing before I write it rite - morale of the day I think).

What a beautiful weather today.

I just spending my morning watching Wedding Crashers starring by Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. I just knew Owen better than that Vince. Truly, I like this movie. I'm recommend this movie for you guys. The thing is make sure you finished up your assignment or report before have it.

I got a picture to you guys. Thanks for abg ijam for that really nice picture of mine. It was in Flinders st station.

Can you see me? I'm the one who wearing a maroon long sleeve holding the saver bag. hehe...

It is 1044 am my stomach going to rest today. Maybe just finished it duty to process one and half biscuits that I had this morning.

Have class this evening at 300 pm.

Time to read something before having that class.

Owh.. gonna find songs to download (Thanks ina for recognizing me Ares - it totally free download... I like it).

Goodday mate.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

i hate schooling

I'm back to school. Actually i'm really hate school. I'm guarantee it will caused me a lot of problems. WHY am I hate schooling??

Some answers that can i compile rite now... try to make it 1000 if i can.. adus

a) have to go to footscray park campus (even it is only 20 min from city)

b) have to settle with clashed class (I knew it will be happen this semester of course because i'm a cross institutional student vu-rmit...adus) - need to meet Dr Ronny as microelectronic coordinator today

c) to borrow books from library (even KPT had given me money to buy books but i'm refused.. save my money for my future trip make me feeling betta)

d) hate to buy 10 x 2 hours ticket from kedai apek just beside lazzat (i'm not hating to meet the shopper but i'm hate to loose so much money to buy that metcard tix)

e) have to give more time on lab report, assignment, read notes instead of playing DOTA, checking my friendster, DVD time...

f) have to open my dictionary of course since my english is too bad (but I always refused that statement to make me confort when being here)

g) the last but not the least... i will be no longer have time to sleep in the noon... yup i like to sleep... lalalala... pagi yg gelap kini sudah terang... hehe..

Actually, this is not my campus... mine at footscray park but this one is in flinders lane... why am i not schooling here.... so i can wake up late. BTW, the truth is I AM THE LAZY PERSON. oppss.. i shud think positively, I'm not that lazy actually I just follow my mood to study.. am i correct?? yeah.. definitely... chiow.... have a nice day mates...

lalalalala..... ahhh pening kepala.... memikirkan pasal study... lalalala....


Thursday, July 24, 2008

one day trip to lake mt

Snow time is back.. even last trip (at mt buller) I only experienced with the balanced of snow (like an ice in the fridge) but not at this time. This time, I really sure that it is snowing at lake mt after reviewing lake mt resort snow webcam.

The day before, I felt really excited as every second I will imagine myself playing with the snow, toboganing and making snowman. it makes me not to be patient to arrive there. Like a childish aite? I'm packed all my things which are 3 pairs of gloves (thanks to ina for let me borrowing her gloves), winter jacket, 2 pairs of stoking, snowcap and etc at the evening on the day before.

On the schedule, the bus will be departed at 7.00 in the morning. So we (akmal, hadi, zul and me) have to sleep at neezam's place in Bundoora. It really been cold there, of course it is far away from the city. Actually it is approximately 45 mintues journey from city by tram. When we arriving at neezam's place, he already setting up a place for us to sleep. Thanks god I felt really sleepy that time. But I didn't have a good sleep that nite since my brain always thinking the thing will be happen tomorrow. calm down mazlee it is time to rest, stay cool tomorrow never dies. hehe. I like that statement.

Ooo gosh... I'm still not started the main exciting point aite. The thing is everytime i reach at this time, I will be clueless. At last, it will be a just simple story. adus...

So to make this post short, I had a really enjoyable time there where I spent only 10 dolar for my tobogan. Actually this tobogan is functionally like snowboard but its shape quite different. Come a look this picture then u can more understand what i'm telling about the tobogan.

This is the right way how to play the tobogan... enjoy...

Please turn right to tobogan run no 2... like lake mt staff pulek...

me and the snowman... i'm not the builder...just borrow it... adus.

Like in Winter Sonata drama right??? hehe... bagaikan siang tanpa matahari bla bla (credit to bro nazrul)...hehe

I will come again this place... goodbye lake mt... mish u... hehe

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our Aiyu is leaving Melbourne

Yesterday was the sad episode in our life here in Melbourne. As we are usually chill out together, playing card together, laugh together, walk walk together, take pictures together... what else... ooo yeah... the thing is we are happy together(really like this song). But yesterday changed our happiness story before to a very sad story. Our Aiyu returned back to Malaysia for good after finished her study here. Even though, she was our friend but still cannot remember what was her course here, but I think it is about account or business... what a useless friend of me... that not really important aite... as long as your really enjoyed when you are being in what we called friend.

Thank Aiyu for everything, I'm still remember on the International Student treasure hunt, that day we all together round round in Melbourne. The place which we never been and finally we came into. haha.. Its fun rite. Though we were not won anything, I'm sure you are enjoyed at that moment. To kak Hasnah dont be sad ok, we got another friends here aite. We can go to zoo when we are free ok... To Aiyu, wish u all the best and never stress against your reality life there in Malaysia. To the rest of my friends - Akmal, Ina stress, Nazrul, Aliyah, abg Zairi, kak Ina n Umar.. opss forgotten Izza (also want to leave us here soon) ... cheers and have a nice day.

Of course, we still have time to take picture together... sweeeeett...

Aiyu with her passport and ticket back to Malaysia, we wish you all the best.. Thank for being such a good friend to us.. We all love you..

Monday, July 7, 2008

Day of stress (DOS)

Sometime i feel empty inside of me, i have no way to go, i have no target to achieve, i have no aim in my life, i'm totally zero right now. even though, i have been here in Aussie about 5 months, it doesnt mean anything for me. routinely, i woke up at 10 in the morning of course i'm not praying for subuh, then opened my lappy checked my friendster and read nothing much difference yesterday and today and tomorrow ( i know it really happen). huh? what am i suppose to do dear god, i need ur guidance right now, i have nothing at this moment. its 253 am here, still typing and typing again. i'm useless...