Tuesday, July 29, 2008

i hate schooling

I'm back to school. Actually i'm really hate school. I'm guarantee it will caused me a lot of problems. WHY am I hate schooling??

Some answers that can i compile rite now... try to make it 1000 if i can.. adus

a) have to go to footscray park campus (even it is only 20 min from city)

b) have to settle with clashed class (I knew it will be happen this semester of course because i'm a cross institutional student vu-rmit...adus) - need to meet Dr Ronny as microelectronic coordinator today

c) to borrow books from library (even KPT had given me money to buy books but i'm refused.. save my money for my future trip make me feeling betta)

d) hate to buy 10 x 2 hours ticket from kedai apek just beside lazzat (i'm not hating to meet the shopper but i'm hate to loose so much money to buy that metcard tix)

e) have to give more time on lab report, assignment, read notes instead of playing DOTA, checking my friendster, DVD time...

f) have to open my dictionary of course since my english is too bad (but I always refused that statement to make me confort when being here)

g) the last but not the least... i will be no longer have time to sleep in the noon... yup i like to sleep... lalalala... pagi yg gelap kini sudah terang... hehe..

Actually, this is not my campus... mine at footscray park but this one is in flinders lane... why am i not schooling here.... so i can wake up late. BTW, the truth is I AM THE LAZY PERSON. oppss.. i shud think positively, I'm not that lazy actually I just follow my mood to study.. am i correct?? yeah.. definitely... chiow.... have a nice day mates...

lalalalala..... ahhh pening kepala.... memikirkan pasal study... lalalala....



ladyeena said...

no wonder u were all day silent and quiet. i knw, school has just begun. chilex mazlee. take a deep breath and think of the exciting part of being here in melbourne. dun bother ur brain much with ur tiring schedule and journey to footscray. sure u'll feel much much better. after all, we are going to adelaide this weekend! yippieeee! (tho i hav to admit dat i'm a lil bankrupt already).

Mohammad said...

caiyok brother.. i know you are smart student not a hardworking so plan properly and i am pretty sure u can make it.. eventhough i guess my english is worse than you but i still put hope that i would improve my english by the time i leave melbourne back to my beloved country.. Malaysia tanah airku..hehehehe