Monday, October 13, 2008

I would say HE is the greatest man in the world

Hi mates,

Both of my right and left hand was sweating from the beginning he put his first pace into Sidney MYER Centre hall until he finish his great ever speech. As my first time ever being face to face to him, concentrate to look at him and honestly it kind of interrupt me to remember every words from his mouth. I really obsess to him since I was a kid.

I have been put a sort of my target to be next to him during my childhood. I really don't care what ever people want to describe me about and its kind some spirit that I can't prevent it to speed up my heart beating.

The person who I was described as HE above is TUN DR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD.

When Mazlee Mazalan real in flesh blood meeting with tun dr Mahathir Mohamad

When two of double M are smiling together.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Stay up until Subuh

Actually, I had slept early around 9.30 pm but since I have to report my duty everyday so I have to wake up around 1.00 am. Thank god my girl friend is in the good mood this week.

Afterward, I planned to do revision on Advanced Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) but it was ended up with watching Sutun drama through malaysian-tvseries.blogspot. This website was recommended by Bro Nazrul and until today I was like addicted to Malay drama. Besides Sutun, I also looking into Tain 3T (Tain Turun Town). I don't want to explain both of the drama, why not you guys just click the website that I have mentioned above. You guys can watch the same kind of drama from as well.

While watching the drama, suddenly I was thinking about my exam. This week is in week 10 already and the exam in both RMIT Uni and VU Uni will be started in week 13. I took a piece of paper and pen to write the exam timetable. I was like frustrating when I found that I had a clash exam between subject in RMIT Uni and VU Uni. But since it is just practical exam in VU Uni, I think I could ask my lecturer to change the exam date but not on 11 November because I have another RMIT Uni subject on that day. I have been email to David just now, wish him can help me.

I am still working with my project. I have to compete with undergraduate student because they doing the same project as well. As a postgraduate student, I think my lecturer must have high expectation to me. I try to do the best even I got stuck when my operational amplifier design using too large size of transistor. Anand asked me to redesign and he further asked me to provide some calculation into it. Adus...

I feel like sleepy right now. I can't sleep if not I will be missed my Subuh pray. Lain la kat rumah my mum always be my alarm to waking me up everyday. Miss you ibu.

Ok la... maybe I can continue watching Sutun... haha... tomorrow la study... but since it will be KITA open house in Ina place, Monday la study... hehe...

Nite mate...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The SIX days fast in month of Syawal

How are you going mate,

Today, I am gonna to share something about the 6 days fast in Syawal. Do you have start the 6 days fasting yet? I had start it last 3 days, alhamdulillah. It is not like to act to everyone that I am so religious like my Iran my friend, Shahab told me in the lab last Tuesday.

I was the one start the conversation "Shahab, hows your Eid celebration?"
He replies "Sorry, can't catch your word"
I repeat it again "About your Eidul Fitri celebration"
Then he understand and say "Ohh, you mean Eid Fitr? Yeah, mine is great"
And he asks me "Are you had fasting for the whole month of Ramadhan?"
Spontaneously I reply "Yeah, we should to... How about you?"
He just smiles to me.
To share something with him, I further say "Even today I am fasting for the 6 days in month of Syawal, do you know about it?"
He replies "Yeah, I knew it. You are so religious"
I just reply "I don't know but I like to do it"

I am not so religious but I am toward it, insyaAllah.

Do you what is the benefit if we are practising the 6 days fast in month of Syawal? I guarantee everyone of you knew it. Even though, let us refresh the beneficial of it.

The benefit of fasting 6 days in Syawal is like we are fasting for the whole year or 365 days. Therefore, if we are sincere when practising it insyaAllah The Merciful will give you the super duper big rewards.

Can't wait to finish it. Then gonna have second Eid Fitri celebration for me.

Oh Allah, please forgive me whatever I had done wrong before.

Have to ready for my Physics class at 10.30 am.

Maybe go to Footscray Park today, have to ask something about my project to Anand.

Hope today is better than yesterday...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Raya in Melbourne vs Raya in Malaysia

Hi guys,

How are you?

It is 7 Syawal today, I am unconscious that we have been celebrating Eid for a week. Honestly, I had spent almost 24 hours of my day for the Eid. After I read Ina blog yesterday what can I conclude is I have lack of will. Even I always involved in misunderstanding circumstance with my girl friend (Sorry, I never tell ya before about my girl) because of that lack. I am very expert in planning but I cannot manage the plan very well. Sometimes but supposed to be almost the time, we as a human being have to admit that The Mighty is very fair. We can't questioned why the plan cannot achieved it goal at the end of the day.

I can't remember which verse in Quran which The Mighty said, the fate will be not changed until we make a move to change it ourselves.

I have too many work to be finished before week 13. Now, it is in week 10. And I still here and doing nothing at all. But please don't judge me as an unmotivated person. I even can do better work than others (I think so... hehe) but it will come out if I am really want it (in my really good mood actually).

I don't like to show people what I have done, I want the people realized themselves about my existence. I was like an anynomous person which if you really knowing depth inside of me, you will know what is the best in me.

Back to our topic

I was complained to Ina last 2d Syawal, it was about I don't have lemang, rendang and ketupat to be ate even it was in second day of Eid celebration. And I was further complaint, if I am in Malaysia I will have a lot of lemang and rendang for my breakfast.

She explained, of course la you cannot got all of that things because you are in oversea. This is what we called "raya" in oversea. I understand what she said and I admit it. You are right, Ina.

As I told you all before, this is my first time celebrate the Eid without my family and of course it is my first time celebrate with my friends. I have not many friends here maybe because of my "keep quite habit".

FYI, I was attended so many open houses here and I can't get this number of open house while in Malaysia perhaps. I am kin to list out the open house that I was serbu for last 7 days.

  1. Kak Uji and Abg Epoi house in Colours Apartments on Swanston st.
  2. Bro Nazrul place on Queensberry st.
  3. Kak Jess, Kak Hasnah and Effy house in Global Village, Unilodge on Lonsdale st.
  4. Ina place in Unilodge @ Melbourne.
  5. Kak Zura house on Albion st.
  6. Anak Dato' Khir Toyo in Blue Tower Penthouse on Russel st (even I don't know them well).
  7. Abg Munir and Kak Ros house in Broadmeadows (it took an hour to arrive there).
  8. Najmi, Husna and Izzah house in Bundoora (they got a realy nice house and the food was good)
  9. En. Fuad house in Thornbury (we were running to catch the train at Coxton Train Station on the way back).
  10. Dalila and Ida house in Coburg (it easy to find their house since it located near to Coburg Tram last stop).
  11. Kak Ina and Abg Zairi house in Clayton on Wellington Rd.
Cool huh? I can still remember it all.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Raya Message from Malaysia

This morning, I woke up then I opened up my lap top. I realized there was a offline message from my 3rd brother. He gave me a link address and without took longer time, I checked it up. It was a recorded video from my family.

I was very surprise and feel like want to cry.

All of my family in Malaysia recorded a raya message special for me. Thanks everyone. I am appreciate it. I love you all.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Still in Eidul Fitri mood

Hows your Eidul Fitri celebration mate?

I feel very lucky even though I am in Melbourne but I still can have open house since 1St Syawal until this weekend. Thanks to those who had organized and invited me their open house. Really feel happy, at least I still can feel the mood of 'raya' here.

As I told you at my previous post, I was woke up early on 1st Syawal and managed to complete my 2nd brother request for 'raya' video. Right afterward, I took a shower and ironed my 'baju melayu'. It was slightly cold outside but Akmal and I refused to wear a sweater. We met Ina at Queensberry St and without Bro Nazrul (he got crucial class that morning), we headed to Malaysia Hall in Prahran by Glen Iris tram. We liked very proud wearing our traditional costumes. We were not forgot to snap some pictures during the journey to Malaysia Hall.

Sang Bulan

Sang Bintang

Sang Pelangi

Fortunately, we reached at there just in time. We prayed EidulFitri solah and listened to the 'khutbah' by Ustaz Haznizul. But I can't focus to the speech because I am thinking about my family in Malaysia, how they are celebrating this Eid without me. I was liked feel homesick at the moment.

We had 'nasi briyani' with 'sambal ayam', beef rendang from lazzat, some cookies and many more. We were really enjoyed the meals and the photograph session as well.

With Bundoora Team

With KITA gang without Bro Nazrul

With Brunswik and Colours Team

With Lazzatian

Gang Poker... lol

Open House rumah Kak Uji and Abg Epoi

Complete members of KITA gang... otw to Open House rumah Kak Jessnor Elmy, Effy and Kak Hasnah

Open House at Criminals gang

Thursday, October 2, 2008

1st Eidulfitri experience in Melbourne

Happy Eidulfitri guys,

I was busy last week. I had so many work to finish before mid semester break in Vic Uni. Nevertheless, Eidulfitri which is Muslim winning day will not be forgotten to celebrate. This is my first time experience celebrating Eidulfitri without my beloved family.

The Night Before Raya

Last night, KITA gang managed to cook Ayam Masak Lengkuas as Ina was our chief the mission, Bro Nazrul, Akmal and me react as assistant chef in Unilodge @ Melbourne. Before that, it was lovely memory for us, we were praying Isyak together and takbir raya as well. My heart really touched during the takbir. I feel like I wanna cry that time but I managed to stop it. In Ina's room, we were together cut the awas-awas for the Ayam Masak Lengkuas. The hardest part was, we had to cut the Lengkuas. I think it is hard to cut it because of its name as Wild Ginger in English. Bro Nazrul and Akmal were very good in cooking, I wonder why I cannot be like them.

1 Syawal 1429H

I was really excited to celebrate Eidulfitri in Melbourne. I woke up early around 5.30 am. After prayed Subuh, I just concious that I have to make video for my family in Malaysia. That is my second brother initiative and it is specially for my lovely Ayah and Ibu. Therefore, using my camera and then recorded my simple Eidulfitri message. Afterward, I upload it into my, youtube and rapidshare as well. It was my first trial to upload video in the internet LOL.

You can see the video below

Also, I completed my 2nd video for Eidulfitri. Click on this link.

I have class yesterday but I skipped it just for the winning day. I have an important class today and I cannot skip it since it is hard to understand without attend the class.

Will continue later...

Before that, would like to show my newest family photo. They sent to me by Sadly, I am the one who missing in that photo.