Thursday, October 2, 2008

1st Eidulfitri experience in Melbourne

Happy Eidulfitri guys,

I was busy last week. I had so many work to finish before mid semester break in Vic Uni. Nevertheless, Eidulfitri which is Muslim winning day will not be forgotten to celebrate. This is my first time experience celebrating Eidulfitri without my beloved family.

The Night Before Raya

Last night, KITA gang managed to cook Ayam Masak Lengkuas as Ina was our chief the mission, Bro Nazrul, Akmal and me react as assistant chef in Unilodge @ Melbourne. Before that, it was lovely memory for us, we were praying Isyak together and takbir raya as well. My heart really touched during the takbir. I feel like I wanna cry that time but I managed to stop it. In Ina's room, we were together cut the awas-awas for the Ayam Masak Lengkuas. The hardest part was, we had to cut the Lengkuas. I think it is hard to cut it because of its name as Wild Ginger in English. Bro Nazrul and Akmal were very good in cooking, I wonder why I cannot be like them.

1 Syawal 1429H

I was really excited to celebrate Eidulfitri in Melbourne. I woke up early around 5.30 am. After prayed Subuh, I just concious that I have to make video for my family in Malaysia. That is my second brother initiative and it is specially for my lovely Ayah and Ibu. Therefore, using my camera and then recorded my simple Eidulfitri message. Afterward, I upload it into my, youtube and rapidshare as well. It was my first trial to upload video in the internet LOL.

You can see the video below

Also, I completed my 2nd video for Eidulfitri. Click on this link.

I have class yesterday but I skipped it just for the winning day. I have an important class today and I cannot skip it since it is hard to understand without attend the class.

Will continue later...

Before that, would like to show my newest family photo. They sent to me by Sadly, I am the one who missing in that photo.



ladyeena said...

tu ar.. ada org tu sombong, tanak bawak balik ayam. uhuhuhu.. mementang makan itu ini kat sana sini.. kan dah lapar... :P

tp u, ni la experience raya tmpt org. mana leh sama ngan msia. of coz msia will be d "best-est". nama pun experience overseas...