Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Raya in Melbourne vs Raya in Malaysia

Hi guys,

How are you?

It is 7 Syawal today, I am unconscious that we have been celebrating Eid for a week. Honestly, I had spent almost 24 hours of my day for the Eid. After I read Ina blog yesterday what can I conclude is I have lack of will. Even I always involved in misunderstanding circumstance with my girl friend (Sorry, I never tell ya before about my girl) because of that lack. I am very expert in planning but I cannot manage the plan very well. Sometimes but supposed to be almost the time, we as a human being have to admit that The Mighty is very fair. We can't questioned why the plan cannot achieved it goal at the end of the day.

I can't remember which verse in Quran which The Mighty said, the fate will be not changed until we make a move to change it ourselves.

I have too many work to be finished before week 13. Now, it is in week 10. And I still here and doing nothing at all. But please don't judge me as an unmotivated person. I even can do better work than others (I think so... hehe) but it will come out if I am really want it (in my really good mood actually).

I don't like to show people what I have done, I want the people realized themselves about my existence. I was like an anynomous person which if you really knowing depth inside of me, you will know what is the best in me.

Back to our topic

I was complained to Ina last 2d Syawal, it was about I don't have lemang, rendang and ketupat to be ate even it was in second day of Eid celebration. And I was further complaint, if I am in Malaysia I will have a lot of lemang and rendang for my breakfast.

She explained, of course la you cannot got all of that things because you are in oversea. This is what we called "raya" in oversea. I understand what she said and I admit it. You are right, Ina.

As I told you all before, this is my first time celebrate the Eid without my family and of course it is my first time celebrate with my friends. I have not many friends here maybe because of my "keep quite habit".

FYI, I was attended so many open houses here and I can't get this number of open house while in Malaysia perhaps. I am kin to list out the open house that I was serbu for last 7 days.

  1. Kak Uji and Abg Epoi house in Colours Apartments on Swanston st.
  2. Bro Nazrul place on Queensberry st.
  3. Kak Jess, Kak Hasnah and Effy house in Global Village, Unilodge on Lonsdale st.
  4. Ina place in Unilodge @ Melbourne.
  5. Kak Zura house on Albion st.
  6. Anak Dato' Khir Toyo in Blue Tower Penthouse on Russel st (even I don't know them well).
  7. Abg Munir and Kak Ros house in Broadmeadows (it took an hour to arrive there).
  8. Najmi, Husna and Izzah house in Bundoora (they got a realy nice house and the food was good)
  9. En. Fuad house in Thornbury (we were running to catch the train at Coxton Train Station on the way back).
  10. Dalila and Ida house in Coburg (it easy to find their house since it located near to Coburg Tram last stop).
  11. Kak Ina and Abg Zairi house in Clayton on Wellington Rd.
Cool huh? I can still remember it all.


Malim said...

eh bukan ke dapat makan rendang ker hari tuh? ahaksss

mazlee said...

hehe... mmg dpt makan rendang aritu abg zul... tp lokasi tu dirahsiakan utk menjaga kepentingan org lain... hehe

a'che spa said...
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Arin said...

used to duduk kat msia hall with jess ( and of course jess datang semula ke melb to do her phd )..and at that time msia hall was a great place to stay..

good luck kat melb ye!