Thursday, October 9, 2008

The SIX days fast in month of Syawal

How are you going mate,

Today, I am gonna to share something about the 6 days fast in Syawal. Do you have start the 6 days fasting yet? I had start it last 3 days, alhamdulillah. It is not like to act to everyone that I am so religious like my Iran my friend, Shahab told me in the lab last Tuesday.

I was the one start the conversation "Shahab, hows your Eid celebration?"
He replies "Sorry, can't catch your word"
I repeat it again "About your Eidul Fitri celebration"
Then he understand and say "Ohh, you mean Eid Fitr? Yeah, mine is great"
And he asks me "Are you had fasting for the whole month of Ramadhan?"
Spontaneously I reply "Yeah, we should to... How about you?"
He just smiles to me.
To share something with him, I further say "Even today I am fasting for the 6 days in month of Syawal, do you know about it?"
He replies "Yeah, I knew it. You are so religious"
I just reply "I don't know but I like to do it"

I am not so religious but I am toward it, insyaAllah.

Do you what is the benefit if we are practising the 6 days fast in month of Syawal? I guarantee everyone of you knew it. Even though, let us refresh the beneficial of it.

The benefit of fasting 6 days in Syawal is like we are fasting for the whole year or 365 days. Therefore, if we are sincere when practising it insyaAllah The Merciful will give you the super duper big rewards.

Can't wait to finish it. Then gonna have second Eid Fitri celebration for me.

Oh Allah, please forgive me whatever I had done wrong before.

Have to ready for my Physics class at 10.30 am.

Maybe go to Footscray Park today, have to ask something about my project to Anand.

Hope today is better than yesterday...


CritiCalThinKer said...

sungguh kamu anak yang soleh..