Monday, September 22, 2008

Better than yesterday

Hi mate!

Thanks to God, today I managed to take my sahur. It is a good starting for today. I had pasta with laksa Terengganu gravy made by Ina, seriously it tastes really nice. It made me and Akmal really enjoying our sahur.

Stop talking about sahur. I would like to let you all know that my kad raya is successfully done this morning. I am really glad as this is my first time kad raya made by myself. Now i knew it is very easy to make kad raya by using technology available nowadays. And of course it is not only easy, it cost me around 40 cents = 19 cents (photo) + 20 cents (blank card and envelope). Cheap huh???

This is my special kad raya for KITA gang...Hope you all like it...

Today, I have class in RMIT Uni at 11.30 am to 2.30 pm. I am still not begin my project yet. I got 4 projects (each subject got a project) this semester. But my mood to study will definitely come when it close to due date. Hopefully, I will finish it ealier than what I have expected.

Got to go now. Have to prepare something for the class.

See you. Have a nice MONDAY.


ladyeena said...

M really glad dat u both enjoyed the Laksa. And, the most important thing is, m glad dat u didnt miss ur sahur again today. Is it bcoz of Laksa? LOL.

Well, gudlak mate on ur projects. Lets struggle to achieve our target. May Allah help us in every single way...

Inah said...

good luck dude!! :)