Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday in Camberwell

Good day mate... Hows it going???

I skipped my sahur this morning. This is my first actually. I only had a drink of soya bean and it is not enough for me. I used to set my alarm before and I am rely on Ina miscall everyday. But somehow I didnt noticed my alarm and even Ina miscall. And my last hope is Faisal to wake me up unluckily he also wake up late this morning. This what can we called a fate.

Nevertheless, I have to fasting today no matter what.

This morning,Akmal asked me to accompany him to Camberwell. Before this, I can say almost every week we gonna spend our weekend in the sunday market. Actually it was like car boot sale, there selling like second hand items such as clothes, books, electronic equipments etc. I had no expectation to shop this weekend because it only $15 left in my wallet. I was like to save my money since I had over budget for last months.

I only can expect but what can I do if the Mighty set me to shop some clothes today. lol. It shouldnt be my reason right?

Here is the evidence what I bought there. It was a t-shirt and sweater. Both are same brand of cotton on. Thank to Akmal for choosing them for me.

I spent 2 dollars for the blue t-shirt and only 4 dollars for the sweater. Its good bargain right?

Before I quit, I want to show you guys some of my collection. I got 2 kad raya already. One of them is from my vice chancellor and the other is given by Ina, actually it is her handmade kad raya. Thanks. Now I still wait kad raya from Akmal and Bro Nazrul.

Have a nice weekend...


ladyeena said...

Haha, dats it. Obviously u r in the mood to post and update ur blog.

Well, luckily I didnt join u guys to Camberwell. Surely will spend $$$. Huh. I had spend enuff yesterday. And dats it. No more shopping till.... next allowance I HOPE! LOL.

Will wake u up... til u really wake up. Dun worry mate!