Monday, September 8, 2008

Political issues in Malaysia

Happy Ramadhan mates...

I was "called" to write here about political issues that were seriously terrible in Malaysia. As a Malaysian, I am very sad regarding the racial issues crashed between Malay and Chinese. We are multiracial country, we have to be unite no matter what is our race, believe and religion. We had a bad time before we are independent but why we still make our country in trouble because of this matter. We had agreed our promises not to get mess with the racial issues, it should be not become a big deal as we are 51 years free recently.

Then, I am very sad that the opposition take this opportunity to be a so called popular party in our country. We had rejected them before but why we come to them this time. Frankly, they just take for the granted. They so called manifestos are just empty promises, they will not conduct their promises to be reality.

Seriously, I am not the politic person.

I am just a regular person that very concern about my beloved country.

We are Malaysian. Why we are make fool to our leader. Why we make insult to him? Why don't support him till he step down? Oh Allah, please take care of our country. I am very pleased to u Allah. And I definitely will pray for our Malaysia to be peace and to be free till the end of the day.

Have to get ready, I had to seat a mock test today at 130 pm. I must do something for it. And hope I can contribute to my country. How about you, mates?