Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 16

The opposition party leader, Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim committed his promise to topple Malaysia government on this 16th September. He was really confirmed that he will make it as his speculation about several of Barisan Nasiaonal MPs will jump party to join opposition. But I am still doubt about his claimed and until now I was praying that his plan will be not achieve even on this 16th or at any date at all.

I was the fanatic fan of DSAI before. In 1998 but I can't remember the date, I was really shocked when I was reading the newspaper. Dr Mahathir at that time and now Tun Dr Mahathir have sacked DSAI as a reason that DSAI involved in money corruption. And at that moment, I was become the number one enemy of Dr M. I'm hate him much.

Fortunately, I am not influenced to DSAI anymore. And from now on I am declare myself as the enemy of DSAI. I will never support him even though if he really become a PM. I hope not.

Oh Allah, please guide us toward your blessing. We are so naive and please help our beloved country to be more Islamic and more develop.


Today, I got the Physics and Simulation Device project. But I still have to choose one among the titles given on the cource guide. It was 19 titles was selected by Dr Alireza and I have to do the project report in 5 to 10 pages as his requirement. I was excited before when he asked us to do it in the group. Unfortunately, after 2 weeks and he come back from India, he definitely ruin myself. He changed his mind and the project have to be submitted as an individual project. I have to be more hardworking after this. I will.


ladyeena said...

hey mate.. i think individual task is much better. At least, u can make effort to ask friends if u needed their help. I always avoid grup work coz it's not easy to work in a grup. After all, for a lab work, this is ur time to really learn by urself, preparing to be a lecturer. Wish ya All the best mate!

-Sang Pelangi-

amey said...

Hehe.. Biasa ler.. Last minit change.. Last minit change.. All the best, bro..