Saturday, September 13, 2008

A balanced day of yesterday

I am believe and admit that only The Mighty Allah can determine what will be happen in our life. We as His slave can only make a plan or target and the end of the day we will know the result either our plan is achieved or definitely buried.

Seriously, I am not very good in language.

I woke up yesterday at 430 in the morning for sahur and thanks Bro Faisal for his kindly woke me up. Lately, he became my alarm since Ina Stress is out of duty.

I was like obsessed to Kalimatan - the seal of al Bukhari at this moment. I keep listen this nasyid song without any feeling of bored. No matter what I was doing in the lab even in the mosque before Jumaat pray, I spent time listen to it as it is a Zikr to The Merciful. My Indian friend, Sandeep asked me what type of song that I was listened to, I said it is religious song. He kind of interested because I kept repeated this song in the lab. I was using my earphone but he still can listened to it make me feel astonished the creation of Allah.

Here I got something to share. It was about a true story and apart of khutbah script yesterday.

It happen in some place in Arabic region, there was a millionaire people came and realized there was no mosque in such a peaceful place. Therefore he decided to built a mosque as he had afford to do so. He started to asked people who took in charge of the land and unfortunately no one knew about the owner of the land. Then, he went to something like' land department' and asked them about the land. They discovered the owner is working as a cleaner in a school nearby. Without take much time, he directly meet the man.

And even the man don't know that the land was beloging to him. He don't know how much exactly the price should be proposed to the millionaire. The rich man came back to the land officer to find out the land price is about 2 million dinar.

Then, he met the man again and explained about the price. Then he paid one million dinar by cheque and he will pay another one million after the construction finished.

Suddenly, the cleaner asked the millionaire what he want to do with the land. The millionaire said he want to built a mosque. Right after that, the clenaer teared the cheque into pieces and he said "oh, you want to be good more than me in front of Allah?, then please take this land for free".



ladyeena said...

I like the story... =) thanks for sharing!