Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Part I

I'm quite emotional yesterday. I dont meant it. Have my apology to drag you to my problem. It never happen again.

Yesterday I got a cancel class. Guess what I had a very good preparation to attend that class. I woke up earlier than other days. Of course I got to buy a 10 time 2 hours tix (even it was a long queue in Connex Customer Service at Melbourne Central). Took about 15 minutes to reach Footscray what a wonderful day I went through. Thanks god the bus just arrived when I was reached there (It was lucky because it never happen to me before... I hate to wait actually). Straight to the library afterward, what a very good student I am, went to library and find a suitable book before attending the class. I tried to reach Dr Ronny and as usual he never been there for me.

It 10 minutes to 3.00 pm, I'm running to G470 (actually it is just near to the library but I need to go early otherwise I will cannot find the lecture room - I really dun have idea where the class at).

Finally, I found it of course it was in Block G. It suddenly I was feeling my excitement laid down do you know why?

To dear student of VEH6004,
Class for today is cancel, I will resume the lecturer net week

Do you think I feel depressed afterward?

I got 2 answers for it

a) YES... of course I'm stressed, it really ruined my excitement to have class

b) NO... yeah... I can go back home and have a good rest while watching DVD... awesome rite... cool...

I like yesterday

But it already in the past...

Part II

Thanks for ina waking me up for the sahur. I'm appreciate it. Even I just ate one and half biscuits which I was immersed them into soya bean drink before swallowed it (I like to do it).

Today I'm fasting for Israk Mikraj day. If I'm not mistaken the day that our Prophet went to the sky to determine about solah matters (I really forgot the details about it better I read sumthing before I write it rite - morale of the day I think).

What a beautiful weather today.

I just spending my morning watching Wedding Crashers starring by Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. I just knew Owen better than that Vince. Truly, I like this movie. I'm recommend this movie for you guys. The thing is make sure you finished up your assignment or report before have it.

I got a picture to you guys. Thanks for abg ijam for that really nice picture of mine. It was in Flinders st station.

Can you see me? I'm the one who wearing a maroon long sleeve holding the saver bag. hehe...

It is 1044 am my stomach going to rest today. Maybe just finished it duty to process one and half biscuits that I had this morning.

Have class this evening at 300 pm.

Time to read something before having that class.

Owh.. gonna find songs to download (Thanks ina for recognizing me Ares - it totally free download... I like it).

Goodday mate.



ladyeena said...

wow! i can see lotssa compliments dedicated to me in here. bunch of thanks for all those. it really makes me feel like am a real gud fren and i wanna know yea, m always here as a fren no matter what makes u down or sad.

i know it is s*cks to travel sooo far and found out ur class is canceled! it happens to me once. i have to wake up damn early (coz the tute was suppose to be at 830am) and walk to Queensberry (luckily it is not too far) but the class was just for 10 mins!!!! i was like... dam*! but yea, it happens.. so just leave yesterday and hopefully u'll have a colorful day after tis.