Thursday, July 31, 2008

physic device simulation

Physic device simulation

I got half an hour before I go to Footscray campus. Last 2 hours, I was in physic device simulation class. As I was like compulsion to take this subject make many confusing in my brain when I was in the class. Even though the lecturer was very passionate to give the knowledge but I still cannot accept it. To me each day in a week will come out with a problem. We are courage to think in positively therefore each of the problem doesnt make any sense to ruin my day rite. So I take it easy, even I dun really understand in that class but I still have kak hasnah who take the same subject this sem... thanks god.

Trip to adelaide

I have to buy 2 packets of nugget today. I hope I will not forgotten this time (always forgot to do sumthing when doing 2 things at once).

I should get off from my laptop.

Time to solat and do collect my stuff before go to the class this evening.

Nothing much for today.

maybe I will edit this post at the end of the day.



Inah said...

trip to adelaide??waaahh..ikut!! :P

Malim said...

weh ko curi2 masuk blog aku eh