Saturday, November 15, 2008

Anynomous title

Since I was busy with my study and project a month ago,I feel like very unmotivated to continue blogging anymore. And I found out my blog is purposely to share what I have been doing here rather than discussing anything some can be beneficial to you guys. So what can I do is maybe sometimes I can attach something more information about Aussie to you guys.

I just finish my last exam yesterday, it was practical exam for Digital Signal System. How is it? Not bad la. As long as I can write the code and get the correct output for question 1 and 2, only for question number 3, I cannot get the output, I don't know I think my code is perfect but since the output is not appear as expected that means I failed in that question. However, I still can get the good mark (I think so as I asked the tutor about my mark) though I cannot answer the 3rd question very well. I still can remember of my mom advices after I "failed" to get the good result in SPM last 9 years, "You're not fail Mazlee, don't think if you're fail (not getting the good result) you will be fail forever". Thanks ibu, its really meant to me. I will use your words as I am alive.

I still have another 2 projects to be submitted this Monday. And as before, I yet start both of the project report. Its kinda last minute job. The crucial part is I have to understand every part that I'll include inside my report as there are presentation and QA session as well. The marks will be given based on my understanding about the project. So I decided to choose the easiest title and I am familiar with.

Ok mate, will be continue this night... Before that, I am happy to let you know today it will be MYER christmast parade in Bourke St. I will not miss it. Let go mate...


CritiCalThinKer said...

its not u who failed malee.. its the examiner who failed to reach ur standard.. hahah..

ladyeena said...

is everything over now? i mean ur exam and academia stuffs.. not ur life :P