Thursday, August 28, 2008

aku wanita

First of all, I would like to make a confession here, I'm Mazlee and I'm a originally man. LOL

Actually I'm switching the Datuk Siti song called "aku wanita" to drive up my mood today. LOL

I was like have a good mood to update my writing at this moment since i even never open my blog for last 1 week. I got many story to be told here but since my friend, ina stress was very impressive update her blog everyday and for sure almost of her writing is about our (KITA) activities recently, make me a kind of lazy to write something here. To ina stress, sharing is caring kan? so what is the problem if i said "your blog is my blog, my blog is mine. LOL

Let me just summarize what was happened for last 1 weeks:

  • One day trip to Mt Baw Baw on 23 August
This is my third attempts to experience with snow. Even it was like a last called for us (since it supposedly spring by end of this month) but we managed the last minute of winter to have really good memories together.

Finally, I found a real snow falling in Mt Baw Baw. I was like feel compassion at that time.

Some descriptions of my trip members:

  1. Kak Jes as our expertise driver never feel doubt to bring us to the top of Mt Baw Baw. No wonder la, she was a very good driver since she got experienced driving car while her master last couple of years. She was the only driver throughout our 3 hours journey.
  2. Effy as a co driver. She also acting like Global Positioning System (GPS) in which she responsibility to show the right direction to our destination.
  3. Ina stress as our entertainer. Some funny stories was delivered by her. One of the stories that can i remember till today is "Pokok pink ni buatkan i teringat kat jambu". Funny kan? How can she imagine that kind of tree as jambu tree. LOL
  4. Akmal as a 2nd co pilot. Without his good skill in order to find the direction and to determine which the right exit really useful for Kak Jes. Alhamdulillah we never lost all the way to Mt Baw Baw. He also successfully fitted our car's tires with chain (avoid the car sliding on ice)

  • Cinema day, watching "wanted" in Hotys Melbourne Central yesterday
Will continue after i'm finish my class. Got to help Abg Ijam today.



ladyeena said...

Yerp, its occay.. my blog is PUBLIC. Any1 cud use the contents as long as it is credited to me. No big deal, mate.

BTW, i almost forgotten about the Pink-Flowery-Tree and the Jambu.. aiseyyy!! ROFL! Seriously, it makes me laughing at myself now! How silly I am at dat time. ROFL.

Hey, cont updating ur blog!

Inah said...

bz ek sampai x update blog :)

its ok dude..inah nak pi melbourne bulan 10 ni..jumpa di sana!! :)