Thursday, January 8, 2009

4 days of working

I just ended my work for this week but I still have to work on next week on Monday. Maybe some of you guys don't know what is exactly I work with. I don't have any intend to work as a mover. Since it hard to find a casual job lately so I just accept it. At the end of the day, I kind of like this job seriously. Sometime it really make my energy drain when doing this job. The best thing is I can earn some money for this summer break.

Oh my god, it likes 3 weeks I am not finish my review since my supervisor asked me to do so. Even I was do nothing for it. Need to do something at least I can send him my progress review paper and to impress him that I am capable to do phd under his supervision in the future.

I just bought 2 jackets from the Jean West in DFO, Moorabin. It is for my lovely brothers, Ijai and Arip. I do hope both of them will like the jacket.

I think till here for my entry today. I kinda have interest to write much but at this moment I don't have many idea to put in.

****Bad thing happened today****

Me and Imraan were scolded by the boss after we always came late to the warehouse

****Good thing happened today****

I just got my salary today

Before I am stop, would like to show you guys my new friend here, Asyraf.

Akmal, Asyraf and me at Shrine of remembrance


ladyeena said...

being scolded for being late to work? hurmhh... u never change, malee. mana pegi azam tahun baru u tu???

come on buddy. u have to fight with ur laziness and should take it seriously if u really moves ahead.