Monday, April 21, 2008

Footy in Melbourne Criket Ground

Actually, i'm not the truly footy supporter. Even i never know about it before i come here. But, influenced by Abg zairi, i started to get to know about it, how to play it, how to calculate the score and how many people on the field at one time. so last 13th of april, the day that i'm waiting for, its time for footy. From camberwell, we take train to richmond the nearest station to mcg. a lot of crowd were in the train. of course colingwood and carlton supporter. for me, colingwood is my favorite footy club and again it is influenced of abg zairi. theres some pictures i want to share. the crowd were so happening despite some of them like overrated. poor abg zairi got a coffee spilled on his head.. haha...


- G O R O - said...

Jgn lupa asal usul..

"Aku baru sedar, aku dekat Melbourne"