Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I don't have lab today

I was prepared to go to VU today. Before I stepped out, I made a call to Jaideep who in-charge of the laboratory. He said he will call after 5 minutes because he want to check the availability of the software.

5 minutes later, he called and mentioned me the software still yet to ready. Oh no, it is in week of 4 and we are not doing any lab yet. In my last experienced, the lab will drag to week of 13 which is the preparation week for the final exam. Or maybe they will cut some lab which is not very important. But and again, we have a mini project to be finished before exam. This is a normal life as a student.

So what I am gonna do today?

Actually, I have some works to do and below is the list according to the priority.

  • write a letter to Dr Aladin, microelectronic eng. coordinator (I got problem with a subject that I've been taken in RMIT but it was not recognised by VU, so I have to make an appeal letter for approving the subject)
  • finish my analog and mixed signal homework (unfortunately, i left my calculator at abg zul's place so I need to borrow someone calculator)
  • finish the lab report which is due in this incoming Friday (I cannot do it in my place since it dealing with the expensive software)
  • write the introduction for my review paper (I am planning to send my paper to RoVISP 2009 which is organised by Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) so I have to complete the paper before it due at the end of April)
Thats all works that I have to do in this week. Frankly speaking, it is not as many as someone else who doing their study in other area like business, finance or criminology (I guess so)

I have only 4 months here in Melbourne and another 8 months before my wedding day (sorry, I never mentioned about it before but I will attached it in the next post)

Moral of the story: Don't just planning what you have to do without take any action of it.

The next malaysian idol? oh naa....


ladyeena said...

doesnt look like the next idol but rather... askar prebet kut. lol. but malee... seriously, this is much much much much much better than ur messy, unmanageable hair. menten the 'clean' image ait.