Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The end of my study

It's been a while I do not write something in here, isn't it? But to be precisely, it was 3 months of no entries. I am feeling guilty and so I try to write a bit.

There was so many things happen in the last 3 months. even, I could not remember exactly what was I did within that time.

I just finished my master study and waiting for the result that will be announced on 13th July. I am a bit nerves since there was one exam that I feel like I did not finished it well. It was very hard paper ever in VU I guess. I really hope at least I can get credit for it.

Last Sunday, my big bro was leaving Melbourne. Bro Nazrul had to go back early before the result announcement. Poor him, I am praying that we will get the good result later.