Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Meeting with Prof. Jack Singh

Yesterday, I have met Prof. Jack at La Trobe Uni and discussed with him about my plan to further study over there. I thought that it will be a formal meeting but it ends up with an informal chat with him. He was a really nice guy and very motivated. He told me that if I want to do research under his supervision, it must be my self intention to do so. If I do the research because to fulfill of others requirement so it will be hard to finish within 3 years.

He wants me to send my result as soon as possible after the result announcement on 13th July. Hopefully, I will get the best result for this semester. Actually, it was not easy to me to get my desire result since the two subjects were really difficult even though one of them just rely on project, lab and homework. Then, my project was not really good since I cannot fulfill the specification requirement. But, I managed to get some result within 2 weeks. Wasn't it cool I can managed to finish the project, simulation and report only in that period.

I can't label myself as the master graduate yet until the result come out.

I plan to go to Sydney. But the cost of living and transportation plus there will some meeting with friends here make me still in 50-50 want to go or not.

The picture below is not my master graduation okay. Its my bachelor degree convocation day. Really miss that moment.