Thursday, February 19, 2009

The biggest loser

Besides cooking, now I have another new interest which is watching TV. I am currently being a big fan of the biggest loser and deal or no deal. I watch them regularly since I don't have any idea what I am going to do in the evening. It is much better activity rather than sleeping until the night come.

The biggest loser is actually the reality TV in Australia which is a imitation of the biggest loser in United State. Nevertheless, I am not saying that is bad thing and I even would like to propose this reality TV episode to Malaysia. I think it is better than others reality TV like Akademik Fantasia and Gang Starz which both were getting the high rate every time it broadcasting.

The biggest loser is similar to Amazing race or Survivor. For instance, in every episode it has an elimination of the contestants and the person who get the immunity will be saved. Furthermore, it includes the excite game such the food temptation. In this game, the contestants have to compete each to win the immunity. Isn't it is same like Survivor?

However, the biggest loser has it own objective. Besides of to entertain the spectators, it helps each of the competitors to lose their weight and make their dream become reality. The good thing is it also provides two trainers who always guide them in the gym and a counselor that is very useful to build up their self esteem and to keep them on the right track.

The end of the biggest loser.

I had cooked kari sotong with potatoes this afternoon. I bought the curry paste from Fresh Supermarket in Chapel St. But until this time, I still curious about my kari sotong, it was like some ingredients that I was not put into the curry.

What can I do? Give me some advise mate.

I am felt really happy because right now I was able to reduce my awkwardness while cooking in the kitchen.

As usual, below is the evidence.


ladyeena said...
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Mazlee Mazalan said...

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