Thursday, February 12, 2009

I am not working today

I am supposed to go to work today until I got a call this morning from Merang. As he mentioned to me yesterday, he has a study work to do and he will take leave for one day. Because of he is the one who can drive the manual car and at the same time Bro Epoi has to guide his relative touring around the city today, so me and Akmal agreed not to work today.

Nothing much for today, I had fried mee with a cup of coffee for my breakfast early in the morning and just hanging up in Abg Zul house. I am replacing Abg Zul, who went to Malaysia for a month as a resident manager in HighChapel apartment. You know, the important job as the resident manager is put the rubbish bin outside on Tuesday and put it in back on the next day. However, I still have to work out with the fussy tenants as they like to complaints something that they think it really annoying them. Such the roller door complained by RMIT lecturer. In this case, I don't have to fix it, myself, what I have to do is send a report to the apartment management officer then they will figure out it.

Besides that, I have to open the electricity door which had requested 24 hours earlier by the tenant for the electric or foxtel installation. I might be not take any action or entertain them if the requests are given to me below than one daytime.

I want to stop right here. I plan to go to ANZ bank to put in some money.

Don't worry, after that I still have time to update.

See you mate.