Monday, February 16, 2009

Email from my former dean

I got a short email from my dean last two weeks. Seriously, it such a long time that I am not sending him any update or progress on my master study. I was told to keep in touch with him before I am flying to Melbourne last year.

Salam Mazelee, Apa kabar, such a long time tak dengan berita dari u di VU? Macamana dengan master bila dijangka habis? -zaliman

In addition, I just replied to his email this morning. Actually, I am quite nervous to send my progress of my study since I am doing nothing for this summer break. Furthermore, I also feel guilty due to his thousand of help to me before.

Salam PM Zaliman, How are you going PM Zaliman, hopefully you are in good health and god blessing you. Firstly, I would like to apologize to you because of late replying to your email. I am quite busy at this moment with my casual job here, and at the same time I am doing some research for my minor project next semester. About my master study here, I am done pretty okay for the last two semester but unfortunately last semester I got one subject credit. For this semester I will take two subjects and a minor project which are: a) Analog and Mixed Signal Design b) RF and Mixed Signal Design c) Minor project: Hybrid Photon Counting Pixel Detector Herewith the attachment of my previous semester result. I hope it will be fine to you. For your information, I will finish my master on this July 2009 and insyaAllah I will back to Malaysia right after that. I will send you about the progress on my minor project regularly. Thank you very much. Faithfully, Mazlee Bin Mazalan Postgraduate Student Microelectronic Engineering Victoria University

Tel No: +61403259924

After two hours later, he replied back my email. I knew him as a person who very quick on replying emails or messages. He never fail to send back my email before, that why I am very proud to work under his supervision.

Salam Mazlee, Good to heard from you and I'm very please with your work and performance. I'm also glad to know that you're finish in July 2009, actually I have spoke to Prof Ali that I want you to continue your PhD straight away after your MSc in VU. In principle he agreed about that. So further that, I also ask Prof Aladin, Yufridin's supervisor, if he have got research for 2 PhD candidates from UniMAP, he yet to comeback to me soon. Mazlee, meanwhile pls ask VU how to continue your PhD overthere and discuss with Prof Aladin about this. Maknanya you balik sekejap kat M'sia lepas to terus sambung. Tanya juga sharifah husna unimap the procedure to continue study. If you have a change pls visit La Trobe Univ, then meet with Prof Jack, Husna's supervisor, to discuss about PhD in La Trobe. Keep in touch. -zaliman

I have no comment about the email above because I am yet to finish my study in master. However, I feel very happy because my former dean still help and concern about my study. I was like getting the good spirit from him and feel to very commit in the next semester.

Chaiyok Mazlee... hehe...

My mom always says "aja aja fighting" to me... She was currently watching Full House (Korean drama)

As usual, the picture of the day is taken during the St Kilda Festival on last January. It really like Aussie party and I really enjoyed to see so many hot ladies over there.


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