Thursday, December 4, 2008

Coldplay live in Melbourne

Oh gosh, I never been dreaming to see Coldplay live before. Though I am not a die hard fan of Coldplay, but to see them live in Melbourne will be apart of my great memory ever.

Coldplay at the Beacon Theater in New York City on May 17, 2005.

My friends, Imran just bought the ticket for four by online. Guess what, the tickets only available for the 3rd day of concert and 1st and 2nd day is definitely sold out even just today the ticket is open for sale. Luckily, we got the gold seat tickets and it would be not too far from the main stage for sure.

Now, I am started to download Coldplay album to refresh back their song. hehe. But, I still remember their song in 1st and 2nd album which is Yellow, Clocks, Shiver, Politic and The Scientist.

However, I have a money problem now. Because the price of the ticket was quite expensive which is AUD 142.00. I kind of regret for agreeing to join Imran to the concert. But what can I do here, the ticket was already purchased. Want it or not, I have to pay it to Imran as soon as possible.

Should I go or ask somebody else that can be replaced me?

How is it mate?

No matter what, I still downloading the Coldplay album right now.

Cheers mate...


laki cikgu kimia said...

coldplay memang cool wei..

Mazlee Mazalan said...

cool la dude.. tp duit aku yg tak cool skg ni.. haha

Rosie Rose said...

woooohoooo!!! if u wanna sell the tix, please consider me occay... LOL

one of my fave tuuu!!

Mazlee Mazalan said...

erk... eena, u nak pi jgk ke? nape tak cakap? i can buy the tix for u... but claim it later...