Monday, December 1, 2008

The day after Sunday

Last night, me and Akmal went to Zul Singapore place to have BBQ farewell party. Zul and Haadi will be going back for good this month. Especially Haadi because he now preparing for his engagement day expected on this month as well. Congratulation bro, unfortunatelly I cannot attend your engagement day. And Zul look like feeling sad as he will leaving his "girlfriend" here. I put girlfriend word in the column because I don't know how serious his relationship with that girl. To Zul, if you feel like her just let her know ok. Sebelum dikebas orang. hehe.

Me and Akmal helped grilling the chicken wings and hot dog. The guests came to the party were almost like 20 peoples. I was really enjoyed grilling as I am like to be person di belakang tabir. hehe. Actually, I felt amazed when first time step in that BBQ area, it was really proper place for student to relax especially in the weekend. The place completed with a big screen projector, ping pong table, pool table, kitchen, toilet and a few set of sofas. I feel the real of student life when being there. Seriously...

I was sleeping early last night, maybe a bit tired because of non stop grillling the chickens. And of course I woke early in the morning. We have to wake up Zul since he still sleep (tgk bola semalam kot) just to let he knows that we want to go back to city.

We stopped by Abang Zairi and Kak Ina place for visiting them as it been awhile that we are not meet them. Thanks for Kak Ina for serving us super yummy fried noodle and bubur kacang. We went back after been about 3 hours there.

Tonite picture is me and the big VU word. It taken during the Victoria University open day.

Have a good sleep mates...