Friday, December 5, 2008

Spending my time in Vic Uni

Today is Friday, usually in this day I will not going anywhere since I have to performe pray for Jumaah. However, I am going to Footscray Park to meet my supervisor, David Fitrio who just received his PHD in Vic Uni. He right now doing 2 jobs at the same time, he is the research lecturer in Vic Uni and he is also lecturer in Monash Uni. He spending only 1 day in Vic Uni since the Microelectronic coordinator still needs his help to running the school for the next semester.
Luckily, I can still working under him thus make my incoming minor project easily. Since David came from Indonesia so sometimes we are communicate in Bahasa Indonesia for me to better understand. what exactly he want to explain.

Just now, David and I have a short discussion because he is busy for checking the project of my friends, Sandeep, Madhu and Sudheer. All of them are from Indian. Maybe before this, I never been told you guys abot my friends in Vic Uni. For your information, I don't have many international friend here. It is only about 10 friends that I had here. Last semester, I had friend from Turkey, his name is Burcin and now he already in Turkey, I think he now working as an enigneer in his hometown. I also had a friend from Philiphine but we just have a short conversation only since he always absent to the class. LOL. And the rest of my friends are came from India, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Maybe after this, I will put their photo together with me.

Back to my supervisor, David. I asked him about my plan to further my study in PHD level. Suprising me, he asked me to do the study under of his supervision in Monash University. He told me tht he can find me a first supervisor since he only can be the second supervisor, it maybe because of his experience or level. I said, I will consider it since I have to make a step further to apply the PHD. I will discuss with my dean about my plan to study in Monash University. However, it depends on my dean actually to let me directly further or I have to wait for the vacancy.

After the pray for Jumaah, I have to meet David for discussing my minor project for the next semester. Initially, I have do nothing for this summer and that why I mailed David, if he can give me project title so I can work for it during this break. And just now, he told me that I can continue what I was doing in last semester project. So it is easily to me because I have done it before so I don't have to start a new project from the beginning. However, the project might be slightly difference to the last semester's project. It should be more tough I think so. And I told him my plan to do some paper publication in the next semester fotunately he agreed with that and happy to help me to publish paper at least a review paper.

Ok mate. I have to go now. It close to 130 pm in here. I have to get ready for pray.

Oh god, please forgive what ever I am doing wrong to you... forgive me please...


ladyeena said...

first, start to work on your academic writing *since u dislike academia language soooooo much*

2nd, start thinking of the area u wanna write. least to narrow down ur interest.

3rd, start write something!!! saying u wanna do it only wont help u to move even an inch! LOL

Mazlee Mazalan said...

thanks eena.. im appreciate that.
move move move.... can u see i'm moving? haha... LOL